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  1. For a CW (and BW, RW, etc.), should the HX line and CD polygon not be drawn? Would the same apply if it were simply a C, B, R reach? Many thanks
  2. I am currently using the Built 2009-07-AF-iDP to generate a zpt layer and cpmpleted a point inspection using Vertical Mapper. Points falling outside the extent of the LiDAR have been deleted with all remaining zpts assigned the correct level. HOWEVER, when running tuflow, only part of the grid check layers (both the one generated before and after the zpt layers are read) are assigned the correct level with the other part set at 100 (I am using the Set Zpts == 100 command to avoid the Error 2206. Anyone know why I would be getting this problem and how I would go about fixing it? Many thanks, Caroline.
  3. That's guys. most appreciated. Problem sorted... panick over!
  4. Using the 'Tool COnfiguration' within UltraEdit I've successfully ESTRY 2007-07-BE, TUFLOW 2007-07-BF and TUFLOW 2008-08-AF-iDP. However, although I've linked UltraEdit to TUFLOW 2009-07-AD-iDP and TUFLOW 2009-07-AE-iDP, I have the following meesage when running tuflow using these. "The system cannot execute the specified program." How do I get both the pre 2009 and 2009 versions to work?
  5. I need to explicitly assign a coefficient of discharge © to a weir. My understanding is that ESTRY calculates a value for C and I haven't found how/where to override this value. Any help would be grateful.
  6. I am having trouble converting a _MB1.dat to GIS format using “(Filepath)\tuflow_to_gis.exe –asc –t99999” command line. I have followed steps published in this forum. I have interpreted the steps as “(Filepath)\dat_to_dat.exe –max –t99999”. However, this is giving me an error message that the file is either in use or doesn’t exist. I’ve checked and neither was the case.
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