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  1. Hi All, If you are not recieving email notification since moving over to the new forum software you may need to do the following: 1) Update your user options: http://www.tuflow.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=873#entry2548 2) Sign-up or 'follow' specific sub-forums from which you would like to recieve notifications from. The 'follow this forum or topic' option is located at the top right of each sub forum. Cheers, Chris
  2. I am a new user of Tuflow but have had some training on how to use the program. I have just had the latest version of Tuflow installed on my computer. I am trying to use Tuflow to run a simple .tcf (created in textpad) that I have created using notes I have been given. During my training, to run the tcf file using Tuflow I had to right click on the file and 'open with' Tuflow. When I try to do this on my computer it does not recognise that the Tuflow program is there. Is my methodology to run the tcf file with Tuflow correct? If so, do you know why it is not working?! Thankyou
  3. I am using a TUFLOW-ISIS 2D/1D model, which running properly until 9hrs. I have saved the TUFLOW restart file and ISIS snapshot file at 8.5hrs and tried to re-run the model from 8.5hrs. Unfortunately the model does not start to run as I get the following message in the .tlf file. I would like to ask you to advise me what could be the reason of error and how to correct it. I am running Build 2006-06-BF. Trying to open file C:\CHELT\TUFLOW\UPSTREAM\check\2d_nosc_uvpt_check.mif...OK. File Unit: 918 Trying to open file C:\CHELT\TUFLOW\UPSTREAM\check\2d_nosc_uvpt_check.mid...OK. File Unit: 919 MATH ERROR - If the simulation did not become unstable, please contact tuflow@wbmpl.com.au with the following information: Failed maths function is: "sqrt" in tdinit [tdinit] Error code is: 1 Type: REAL
  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any advice on the Manning’s roughness for flood flow through urban areas? What is the usual range? From 0.1 to 0.3?
  5. I have a multiple domain 2D model. When I use TUFLOW_to_GIS the grid that is produced is set to the larger domains cell size which looks odd. Can a grid with variable cell size be created?
  6. I am not sure, but I believe there may be an error with the 1D_WLLs. I am using Method A, with 2 additional points, and with WLL Adjust XS Width == OFF. When I view the 1D_WLLp check file, the 2 additional points are located in the correct locations along the 1D_WLL (i.e. based on the true flow width), however the end points (i.e. at the top elevation of the cross section) are located at the ends of the 1D_WLL, rather than at their true flow width. There also seems to be a problem with the display of the 1D_WLLo check file, because the lines in this check file go to a coordinate of 0.0,0.0. Any comments are welcome?
  7. Anonymous

    It looks like version 2005-05-AN was used for the results provided to Council.
  8. Anonymous

    I have been given a copy of a TUFLOW model and am currently trying to get the model to run. I am learning the program at the same time. For some reason I am receiving the following error. Does anyone know what may be causing this? ERROR - Reading WLL data
  9. Is there a way to extract the Long Profile from the 1D elements in a model. The LP command seems to only extract the information from the 2D domain and we require the in-banks profile. Obviously we can get the peak water level at each node, however, this does not contain the chainage information which would be beneficial. Again the chainage information can be obtained from MapInfo, but the process seems to be a bit convoluted. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  10. I have just reviewed a model that has had very small (ie. 0.001) Head Rate Limits applied, which has resulted in significant mass balance losses. Is this expected?
  11. I am getting a weighting error at a number of culvert crossings (see attached). This does not occur at all of my culvert crossings?? Why are they occurring?
  12. I’m trying to run my first Urban TUFLOW model. I am generating the following error message. No NA data for generated nodes. I have a feeling it has to do with TUFLOW creating nodes where nodes have not been digitized manually at pipe segment ends. I would be extremely grateful for any assistance anyone may have in relation to the issue.
  13. Worked like a charm!! I like the -M flag, great idea and the xs_bed_points mid/mif is very useful.
  14. I will email you through the asc file. These files are in ISIS format although their extension needs to be changed to ".dat". They have been generated by the survey company to specifications given by the Environment Agency. I am trying to obtain more survey files from the EA for this project, so a utility would be very useful to get them into TUFLOW. FYI: The fourth column, I am told, defines the Relative Path Length. This is almost always set to 1.000 although it can be slightly less on the inside of a tight bend and slightly more on the outside. I will also email an extract from the ISIS help file for your information.
  15. I have approximately 100 or so section files written in ".asc" format for ISIS modelling These files have been provided by my client to help in the preparation of the 1d networks. Is there an easy way of getting the files to display on the mapping in MapInfo so that I can draw the 1d network.
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