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  1. Hi I have previously used the SMS demo for viewing my TuFlow results. Due to company policy, I am no longer able to use demo licences Does anyone know if there is an alternative package? I have had a quick look into purchansing a copy of SMS, and found the VIS package, SMS1. Can anyone tell me if this has the functionality that I would need to view results files? Or whether there is another package/solution. Cheers Vicky
  2. Is it possible to run ISIS_Tuflow batch Files? if so is this best done through ISIS as an .ipf? Cheers
  3. vicky.carr

    I have previously been using the sms_mif.exe to generate my GIS extents, with a VMI output format. This doesn't appear to work, when trying to generate extents from the _h.dat files as it has done with previous model runs. Is there any guidance for use of the utilities anywhere? As it may just be my ignorance that is causing these "problems". Thanks Vicky
  4. vicky.carr

    I have just encountered the same problem (when trying to create the ASC grids from _h.dat files) using TUFLOW to GIS. I get the same error message...."Orientation not yet implemented - see WJS or CFN". I have updated the latest Tuflow_to_GIS.exe (2008-04-AB), but I am still experiencing the same error? Please help.
  5. there's no apparent rhyme nor reason why it happens or guaranteed solution.
  6. While running a ISIS-Tuflow model, I keep getting the following visual fortran error. Up until this point the model run appears to be progressing well, any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. error_message.bmp
  7. Do these requirements alter dramatically when Tuflow is linked to ISIS? Eg. Minimum System requirements and Recommended Requirements
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