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  1. I've been doing some testing of a small model on different machines and have noticed that, for exactly the same model, I get different results on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. I am getting different warnings, mass balances, volumes etc etc. They are not wildly different but I would have thought that, using the same version of TUFLOW, I should get the same results. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a preferred approach?
  2. Paul I've had this issue as well - try looking under the Announcements section in this forum - there are instructions there on how to fix this Talia
  3. We're trying to use the 2d_zsh function to model abutments on two bridges where we want to interpolate between soffit levels and creek levels. We have 4 abutments where we have defined our polygons for the 2d_zsh interpolation. Two of these are working (to some degree) and two are not. The attached image shows our polygons and the 2d_sh_obj_check layer. Any hints on how we get this to work???
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