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  1. I've also just noticed this issue. I've tested it across multiple machines now with fresh installs and it only occurs for the latest version 2013-12-AC. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of tuflow seem to have problems although I have only tested on 64 bit machines. All previous versions seem to work fine. I've attempted removing the path and trying different (newer and older) versions of kernel32.dll to no avail. Windows 7 works fine. Matt
  2. Claire, I have had similar problems when using QGIS. TUFLOW is frequently unable to read the dbf file. The model will be working fine, I will make a small GIS edit (moving a vertex for instance) and then TUFLOW will throw up the same error as you are having. Checking the dbf manually shows the data to be correctly formatted, however the only way I have found a way round this is by re-saving the file with a different name. Matt
  3. Claire, I have been having exactly the same problem. I've also raised it with ISIS support and have not got a solution so far. It always seems to happen when running multiple simulations on one machine and calls a fortran error regardless of whether it is the ISIS results or the TUFLOW results being written to an external hard drive. I have been using ISIS v3.3 and TUFLOW 2009-07-AE iSP. For extremely large model simulations it also seems to produce a memory error when allocating memory for the 1D domain at the beginning of the run. I have managed to fix both these problems by writing all results to my C drive which is not ideal because there is not much space. In the event of needing several runs done quickly I have had to use several computers instead of batch running on one just to ensure that they complete! Matt
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