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  1. Thanks . Work is in progress.. Regards Archana
  2. Hi, My model has multiple inflow boundaries which has constant flow. According to the mannual I am trying fix up the parameters like, Type - QC Name- Name of the inflow boundary also in the bc_dbase.csv,in the first column Name of the inflow boundary and in the column2 value of the constant discharge ,keeping source and Column1 blank. I have tried keeping Type QT with same properties and attributes. for Type - QC I am getting Qi and Qt as 0(Zero) for Type - QT ,I am getting Qi as what it is provided with Zero Qo. What are the key points I am missing to get the proper model running !! Regards Archana
  3. Thanks Joel.Its working now. Once again thank you. Archana
  4. Hello, After creating domain and importing Zpts ,when I go for the Table>Maintainance>Table Structure and Query>Select Its giving me the message 'No record selected '. I want to delete not required Zpoints ! Your advise would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks & Regards Archana Patel
  5. It worked out . Thanks a lot Archana
  6. How can we decide to fix the end time !it shoul more than start time . but the general criteria to decide it.if we fix it for 5 hrs and may be at 7 hrs of time it goes unstable !! Regards
  7. Hi, Would like to create Legend for different water depth as well scale. Its generated in the seperate window which doent look like a part of the drawing. Any suggestion will be much appreciated Regards Archana
  8. Hi, I wondering to ask to convert SMS data into CAD data , 1.Convert data into CAD data by right clicking into project explorer. 2.Save data into CAD format. After following these steps if I try to see these data in autocad(CAD 2006),its not displaying anything. what is the step to see the data in the Autocad. Any help will be much appreciated. Regards Archana
  9. Thanks Mick. Now clear with this values. Regards Archana
  10. Hi, I Wondering to ask that by providing PO lines and from left to right as well from u/s to d/s direction, flow is giving negative values at initial timesteps. What could be the cause for this !! Any suggestions for this will be really helpful to me. Thanks and Regards Archana
  11. Thanks Mick It worked out. Regards Archana
  12. A next step ahead is how to use these files to use as a road surface. detailed steps will be really appreciated. Thanks and Regards Archana
  13. Thank you very much. It helped me a lot. Regards Archana
  14. Hi, Just wondering to ask how to import txt files and provide elevations(Z points) Your help will be much appreciated. Regards Archansa
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