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  1. Hi I have a culvert with the SX lines and CN lines and when i run Tuflwo the error : No NA data for node.. is shown. I understand this data on the estry file is optional but I don't make any reference to that in my estry file. How can I solve this error? Thanks
  2. Hi guys. I am carrying out a creek crossing study and a critical design criteria is the max velocities developed before and after the crossing is put in place. My initial Tuflow setup used PO points from which I was able to check the maximum velocities. I have however compared these to the Max grid file created from the V.dat output file. The velocities in the grid file are lower than those found using the PO points. Should this be the case? If so, in designs considering max velocities which would be the one to use? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi I have an aligment that is triplicated, this means we have 3 bridges one after the other one. Whe I introduce additonal form losses how do I consider the existence of 3 bridges? i am using form losses where the piers are going to be, and assuming the piers of all bridges are aligned, should I only consider higer losses but in one of the bridges and nothing for the others? or divide the add_form_loss in the 3 bridges? Thanks for your help
  4. I added some culverts to my model, and made the SX and CN connections, or just SX where is a point. When I run tuflow is giving me a message : "could not find "culvert1_u" in database.." This means I have to put the culvert1_u upstream as a inflow to the system, but I don't have that. I want the flow that comes from the boundaries to go through these culverts, but I can't define how much I want to go through since i have many boundarie sin many locations. What can I do? Thanks
  5. Thanks Bill I changed the IWL and it is working now.
  6. My model becomes unstable when it reached the boundary. The boundary is a HT tailwater level. I don't have IWL set up in my model, only incoming flows and direct rainfall. How can I solve this unstability?
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