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  1. Thank you all for your patience while we deliver the next miTools release. The 2015_05 miTools release build offers a wide range of new features and enhancements, including: A range of new tools to automatically import and update currently open check and messages files in MapInfo A range of new tools to automatically import and thematically map common check files to aid in the model review/QA process Enhancement of the HEC-RAS to ESTRY conversion utility to extract available 3D data Enhancement of the long-section plotting utility Update of the Excel CSV format cross-section viewer / editor Update of the interface for the ASC_to_ASC utility Numerous other new utilities and enhancements An updated user manual We also have in-train the development of new functionality to be released by the end of 2015, with a strategy of future ongoing yearly updates. miTools now includes the more flexible licensing option announced in 2014 for WIBU (Codemeter) dongles so that miTools can be licensed and sold independently of the number of TUFLOW Classic engine licences. Unfortunately, the old blue SoftLok USB dongles do not support this type of licensing and are no longer supported for miTools from this release onwards. If you have a SoftLok dongle please contact sales@tuflow.com regarding the dongle exchange process. Detailed release notes and the miTools download are available via the miTools page on the TUFLOW website HERE Kind regards, Mick
  2. Hi Andrew, If you have the luxury of waiting, I would wait until the new MapInfo Grid 1.0 product is released over the coming month or so (according to PB's product roadmap). I would then weigh up what features it offers over Discover 3D and, unfortunately, try to forget about VM. The new Grid product will most certainly result in PB ceasing to sell VM. If you need to purchase soon, I believe that both VM and Discover have their strong points. My personal preference for TUFLOW modelling work is to use VM, noting that it has certain known deficiencies/idiosyncrasies and therefore you need to be careful and mindful of these. Of course, VM will also struggle when contouring very large DEM's, which is not a problem for Discover, or for that matter, the new Grid product which reportedly can deal with 5TB DEM's! I also like VM because it allows the 3D features of the miTools product to work; they currently don't work with Discover 3D. I hope the above helps. Cheers, Mick
  3. Hi All, We are seeking final user feedback prior to finishing the 2014 release of miTools, scheduled for the end of June, 2014. Included in the release will be a range of new and enhanced utilities. We will also endeavour to incorporate any last minute user feature requests and resolve any bugs that have not been reported to date. Please email your feedback and any ideas to mitools@tuflow.com by May 26. Build 2014_06 miTools includes: A range of GIS pipe data checks including: object snapping, flat pipes, negative slopes, etc. Enhancements to the long section plotting utility. A range of new tools to automatically import and update currently open check and messages files in MapInfo. A range of new tools to automatically import and thematically map common check files to aid in the model review/QA process. Enhancements to the utility to extract ESTRY format CSV cross-sections from HEC-RAS geometry files. The utility will also extract all the 3D geometry data and set up the 1d network and associated top of bank and levee Z lines. Updates to the Excel CSV format cross-section viewer / editor. Updates to all the mapping utility interfaces. An interface for the Res_to_Res utility. Numerous other new utilities and enhancements. Minor bug fixes. The miTools release also offers a more flexible licensing option for new purchases via the WIBU (Codemeter) dongles, but with this flexibility the old blue SoftLok USB dongles can no longer be supported. Further details of the new licensing model will be released in due course; however, customers that have not updated their blue dongles to WIBU Codemeter dongles will be required to do so to use the new version of miTools. Please contact sales@tuflow.com regarding the dongle exchange process prior to the release of the new miTools to avoid any delays. In September/October 2014, Pitney Bowes will be releasing the long awaited 64 bit version of MapInfo and the new Vertical Mapper replacement (Grid Application v1 and associated SDK). These developments significantly enhance the size of the datasets with which we can work, as well as the processing speeds. These new products will necessitate upgrading miTools for compatibility. Following the Pitney Bowes releases, miTools will be updated and provided to users with miTools maintenance agreements (at no cost) as part of the December/January miTools update. Should you have any queries regarding the above, please email mitools@tuflow.com. Best Regards Mick Turnley (miTools Developer and Manager)
  4. Hi Edward, Very strange behaviour indeed! I assume the two models were run on the same PC? Assuming it was run on the same PC, using the same version of TUFLOW and for the same duration etc, I've never come across this behaviour before. Would you mind posting the tlf files from the two runs so we can have a look? Thanks Edward. Cheers, Mick
  5. Hi, If you are a miTools user, you can also use the "Extract cross-section from DAT to CSV..." option under the "ISIS related Tools" menu item. This will create ESTRY format CSV cross-section files from an ISIS DAT file. You can then use some of the other miTools to assist in drawing up, splitting and naming your 1d_nwk file. Cheers, Mick
  6. Hi Kathy, Sounds very odd. By chance, do you you have overlapping 1d-nwk line objects in these areas (ie the original centreline before splitting it into ~ 100m sections)? Cheers, Mick
  7. The 2012_02 release of the miTools has been updated to recognise a new batch of WIBU dongles. If you have very recently purchased a new WIBU dongle and are experiencing difficulties with miTools, please re-download the 2012_02 miTools zip file and replace your existing miTools files with those from the zip. Kind regards, Mick
  8. Hi Parshin, When TUFLOW compiles a model, the geometry is completely 'built' before any initial water levels are applied, hence IWL's don't 'ignore' 2d_zln. If you've used the Set IWL == <value> command TUFLOW will apply water to all cells in the model that are lower than your IWL, including the ones outside your levee. If this is happening, you could use the Read GIS IWL == <gis_layer> command to apply IWL's using polygons. Hope this helps. Cheers, Mick
  9. Hi Parshin, Unfortunately the attachment doesn't seem to have worked, but I assume the zpt check file shows that the elevations of your zu and zv points along the 2d zln have been lifted? I've never seen the reported behaviour before, but I have seen what looks like water escaping beneath a zln before. Further investigation usually reveals that the water is coming from another source such as a 2d SA 'ALL' boundary that has applied water to a cell just outside the levee or similar. How have you applied the flow boundaries to your model? Cheers, Mick
  10. The 2012_02 release of the miTools is available for download. The build includes new utilities, enhancements and minor bug fixes. All users of previous miTools releases should update to this build. Build 2012_02 includes: 1. An updated batch MIF export routine that will identify files that require exporting (i.e. unsaved edits, no mid/mif or old mid/mif files). In the file selection dialog, these files are presented at the top of the list. 2. A new utility that converts GIS pipe and/or pit datasets into standard TUFLOW 1d_nwke tables, while retaining all the attribute data and converting it into the corresponding TUFLOW columns with user specified conversion formulae. 3. A new utility to extract ESTRY format CSV cross-sections from HEC-RAS geometry files. The utility can automatically trim overbank areas and assign Manning's values. Future enhancements to extract MapInfo format cross-section lines, river centrelines and levee lines are planned for the miTools 2012_06 release. 4. A new utility to name 1d_nwk(e) elements based on chainage, sequential numbers, intersecting cross-section and/or pit names, etc. Very useful for naming cross-sections based on river running distance, assigning meaningful unique 1d channel ID's, etc. 5. A new utility that will import all geo-referenced JPG image files located within the selected folder into the current window. Images files must have a geo-referenced file that is compatible with MapInfo. The tool will automatically apply the selected projection to each file and create the corresponding TAB files, thereby avoiding the repetitive process of selecting a projection for every image. 6. An updated MapInfo DAT_to_Dat utility to allow users to select any number of files when using the -max and -con options (previously the limit was 10). 7. An updated MapInfo TUFLOW_to_GIS utility to provide compatibility for XMDF files. New options for selecting time when processing DAT files ensures the selected time exists in the file. The user can also select a number of types of results (e.g. depth, height and hazard) to process at the same time. 8. Enhancements to the TUFLOW Styles, Import MIF, Export Current Editable Layer, MapInfo Batch CSV Cross-Section Generator and the Run TUFLOW from MapInfo utilities. 9. Minor bug fixes. For full details on the above please see the miTools 2012_02 release notes and updated miTools Manual. To download the miTools, visit the Downloads Page or use the link miTools_2012_02. Any queries or problems, please email mitools@tuflow.com. Best Regards Mick Turnley
  11. Hi Sam, "Pit" objects have a node at each end, one at the surface (ie top of the pit object) and one at the confluence of the pipes entering the pit/manhole (ie bottom of the pit object). Only the node at the surface is connected to the 2D domain via an SX connection. The 1d QT polygon with the P Flag distributes the flow to the node at the bottom of the pit object(s). Cheers, Mick
  12. I'll bite too! I always use code -1 when nulling out a waterway(s) through a 2D domain for the reason Bill highlighted (i.e point 2). You often need to compare different model runs and it's too much messing around to compare results if the 2dm files of the various runs are different. I always thematically map the code in the 2d grid check file to make sure the waterways have been nulled out. The different code's colours stand out in MapInfo once you turn off the grid cell polygon outlines, which is why I originally wrote the "Turn off border of thematically mapped grid cells" tool in the miTools. Cheers, Mick
  13. Hi Danny, It will be because your cross-section table doesn't have a fourth 'column', or field, of data associated with it (ie the .Col4 reference in the error message is basically saying the 4th data field doesn't exist) . A standard TUFLOW 1d_tab (or 1d_xs) table will always have a fourth data column, hence why the error is being thrown by the utility. The "Open selection cross-section CSV in Excel" utility possibly doesn't get information from the forth column of data, hence why it works. HTH. Cheers, Mick
  14. Hi Rob, In your tgc file you can use the "Read GIS" command with the "WrF" option to adjust TUFLOW's broad-crested weir equation for the cell(s) in and around your ogee spillway. TUFLOW's broad-crested weir equation is divided by the weir factor (WrF). So a WrF of 1.0 represents no adjustment, while a WrF larger than one decreases flow efficiency. HTH. Cheers, Mick
  15. Hi David, You could try MultiPrint from SGSI: http://www.sgsi.com/Prod_Soft_MultiPrint_SGSI.asp It's not free but should do the job. There is also another one called BatchMapper, which is free, but all the links I have to it no longer work (http://www.lpuc.net/batchmapper.html). I haven't had a need for it to date so haven't downloaded it; has anyone else got a copy they care to post on the forum? HTH. Cheers, Mick
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