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  1. Im doing the Tuflow-GIS post processing and wanting to use the 99999 maximums however it is saying that this 'time is not available' for all the parameters I am looking at, h, d, q. Its working fine for all other times though and processing the data. I've tried specifying it in both the batch file and also within the tuflow-gis window. When the simulation finished I did notice that although it said it had finished, the normal Simulation Finished dialogue box didnt appear. This is maybe why it hasnt recognised the time? My model takes 3days to run so I dont want to wait for it to re-run if there is something else that will work. The Tuflow version I am using is 2009
  2. I am working on a 2D Domain with a 3m Grid I have Zpts at 3m grid for the whole 2D but for my area of interest I also have zpts at 0.7m grid. If I have the 3m grid across the whole domain but then read zpts from the 3m grid and the 0.7m I assume this would give me more accurate topo data in the area of interest? If I Read the 0.7m Zpts second will it overide the 3m Zpts where they overlap? So my .tgc file reads as follows: Read MI Location == mi\2d_loc.mif Cell Size == 3 Grid Size (x,y) == 5400,4800 Set Code == 1 Set Zpts == 50.55 Read MID Zpts == mi\2d_zpt_3m.mid Read MID Zpts == mi\2d_zpt_0.7.mid
  3. SKMason

    Grid Sizes

    Im working with a 5m grid and would like to have an area of it reduced to a finer grid, at the same orientation and within the same extent. Is there a simple way of doing this?
  4. Has this update happened? Where part of the mesh can be finer but the same orientation? Im using 2008 DP version. Is it in the user manual? If so can you point me in the right direction?
  5. Thanks for such a quick reponse. That makes sense. One less thing for me to try and reslove :-)
  6. I am getting this warning in my .tlf file at the very first stage when I am writing my zpoints. Any ideas what this might be? ! GEOGRAPHIC REFERENCE COMMANDS MI Projection == CoordSys Earth Projection 8, 79, "m", -2, 49, 0.9996012717, 400000, -100000 Bounds (-7845061.1011, -15524202.1641) (8645061.1011, 4470074.53373) MI Projection Check == ERROR
  7. I am building my first 1D/2D link model and I have a culvert that goes into an open channel and then back into a culvert again. I have built the 1D network going through the tutorial but im not sure if my connecting of the 1D culvert to the 1D Channel is correct and then how this fits into the 2D link. Ive attached 3 images. One for the upstream connection. One for the middle of the channel and one for the downstream connection back into a culvert. The culverts are smaller than my cell size hence the node connection rather than a line. I am going to use rainfall over the catchment and therefore want flow in and out of the channel along the banks and there will be a inflow into the upstream end of the culvert as well. I guess my first question is does it look right? Upstream Ive snapped the SX node to the end of the culvert and then snapped to the channel to it as well? Is this right? I then have my deactivated area with HX lines snapped to it and also my cross section line with a CD line snapped to the channel/cross section vertex and then at the other end the HX line. Should I have a cross section or a hx line or something at the upstream end of the deactivated area? At the moment there is nothing there. Should I have a cross section throught the sx node? Mid Channel Should the channel be snapped only at the downstream end or at the upstream cross section as well? Downstream Where should my downstream cross section be? Can I put it at the end of the channel snapped to both the channel and also the sx node? Help please! I'd like to get this right before I go on to build the rest of the model. Im trying to make sure i get it all right now so that when I go to run it I dont have lots of error messages. Thanks
  8. Im trying to install the latest TUFLOW, i've downloaded the 2009 single precision and also dongle drivers and when i try and run it I get a warning message that says that the application configuration is incorrect. Ive attached an image of the warning. I dont know what this means or what I do to fix it. Ive removed and reinstalled it a few times but its still coming up with the same warning. I used to run tuflow fine on my machine. not sure whats happened. Its a standalone dongle. THANKS!!!!
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