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  1. Rachel It is a pretty hefty model so can you send appropriate FTP arrangements? Thanks E
  2. Hello I have an ISIS-TUFLOW model with ESTRY channels that link to TUFLOW (but not ISIS). When the model becomes unstable in the ESTRY component the ISIS run does seem to acknowledge that the TUFLOW component is no longer valid and it just sits while ISIS continues. CTRL+C will not terminate the TUFLOW component and formally closing from ISIS is not reliably an option. The general outcome being that final results files may not generated in the ESTRY TUFLOW component making trouble shooting more difficult. When running a batch this also means that the next run cannot start without manual intervention. Can this be addressed? Thanks, Ellie
  3. Are you aware of any issues running TUFLOW 2013-12-AC on Windows XP? I have the following message when trying to run on XP computers but it has run ok on Windows 7 computers: "The procedure entry point LCMapStringEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
  4. Hi Phil That seems to still be v2.0. Thanks, Ellie
  5. Hello I have used the set variable command for the first time today - I like it. However, I came across a bit of a problem when I wanted to concatenate text and ~s2~ values. In essence I found that the example in 15 of the most recent release notes did not work. It took ~s2~ as text not a reference to the scenario value. So I was trying: "Set Variable 2D_CHECK == 2dFIN_~s2~ Write Checks == ..\checks\<<2D_CHECK>>" This would output " 2dFIN_~s2~_grd_check.mif etc So this was overcome by simply doing: "Write Checks ==..\checks\2dFIN_<<~s2~>> But it did make me wonder if the example in the release notes incorrect? And the equivalent for my example should be as below: Set Variable 2D_CHECK == 2dFIN_<<~s2~ >> Write Checks == ..\checks\<<2D_CHECK>>" I've tested this and it seems to work as expected.
  6. Hello The assumption with the CN line trimming tool seems to be that the "null polygon" is traced prior to HX lines. Is there a way to adapt this or a "get around" for when HX lines are traced first so that the CN lines can be snapped and cropped to the HX extent? Thanks
  7. Hello I have been using a z shape to trace a line that I want to use in conjunction with the "GULLY" command. I have given it a non-zero Shape_Width_or_dMax that is less than 1.5* the cell size. However when I run the model it applies it as a thin line. If I use the "RIDGE" command or no qualifier then it applies a thick line. Is this a glitch or am overlooking something in my approach? Thank you
  8. Is it possible to make the add in to export sheets/workbooks to .csv work with .xlsm as well as .xls and .xlsx files?
  9. Hi Phillip Thanks for the reply, that's great. In answer to your question, although not really an issue now thanks to the info you gave above, I meant that I could only get it to run with the -typeAll flag option and couldn't find a -typeh, -typed or equivalent for cumulative infiltration and so couldn't get it to run via that approach with my guesses in a batch file. With the -s4 flag or the dataset name option then this won't be an issue. Much appreciated, Ellie
  10. Can you confirm the parameter code for TUFLOW_to_GIS to extract Cumulative Infiltration output at a given time? So far I have only managed to generate a grid for this using the "-TypeAll" flag. From what this produces the parameter seems to be "TemporalCumulative_Infiltration" but this is rather long winded when suffixed to a model file name and doesn't seem to work when used in the batch command.
  11. I've just tried the Output Drive command to quickly change which drive my results are written to. It is also trying to change the log folder location as well. I don't really want to move this too. Is there any way to change the Output Drive command so that it changes the results output drive and not the log folder output location also? I appreciate that the log files are an output but I think this command is primarily to re-direct large files rather than these small txt files and workspaces...? I suspect if I put the Output Drive command after the log Folder command then this may resolve the problem but again I would think that part of the reasoning for having the Output Drive command is it is a "quick switch" command rather than one embedded into your .tcf/ .trd etc If I did this then I may aswell just manually change the drive letter...
  12. I am having trouble viewing results in SMS 10.0 since updating to TUFLOW.2011-09-AB-w32 [and TUFLOW.2011-09-AC-w32]. I get the error "Error: corner node 0 was not defined in the file. Node Referenced while reading element id xxxx" when it is loading in the .2dm file. I backdated to TUFLOW.2010-10-AF-w32 and the generated mesh [for the same model run] reads in fine. Could this issue be related to the latest versions or a simply misleading coincidence?
  13. Hi I am trying to get miTools 2010_03 running on a computer with Mapinfo v10. I have put the miTools C:\BMT_WBM\miTools and copied Run Application "C:\BMT_WBM\miTools\miTools.MBX" into Startup.wor. On opening Mapinfo, it loads Vertical Mapper [listed prior to MI tools in the startup.wor] then mapinfow.exe crashes. TUFLOW is accessed via a network licence and I have successfully run TUFLOW models on this computer before and after having the issue with MapInfo. Can you suggest where I might be going wrong? Thank you Ellie
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