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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some more information about how TUFLOW calculates stream power for 2d cells i.e. is it an average value or is it in the direction of flow etc. Has anyone compared TUFLOW stream power results for channels with ones from HECRAS?
  2. I am running a steady-state model of a network of creeks joining a main branch. My problem is by running the steady-state model the cumulative effect of adding flows means my model has too much flow in the downstream reaches. Is it viable to remove water from downstream reaches using a SA polygon? Is the SA boundary taking out the same amount of flow with different number of wet cells within the polygon? Any advice would be great. Cheers.
  3. I am having trouble modelling 1D culverts in the 2D domain. The culvert is larger than my cell size and so I have used the line connection method. My model ran fine until I added the culvert and now I receive and error: Number of bridge channels and BG tables not the same. I am not modelling a bridge structure and have no special channels (i.e. BG, WR, CV, etc). Any ideas as to why this error occurs?
  4. Bill, Cheers for the suggestion. This had occured to me previously, however the negative depths are significant i.e. 3m for a 5m grid. I have attached a file that shows a screen capture of my MapInfo work. The first figure shows the *_d.tab file and HX lines. The next figure is a cross-section in which the location is indicated by the thick magenta line on the first figure. The third figure is a cross section of the topography (DEM) and height outputs from TUFLOW at the same location as the depth cross section. Notice that the descrepencies are major between the two results. Oh and I am using Build: 2004-06-AC. Cheers. Depth_results.doc
  5. Hello all, When trying to convert TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe I encounter problems. The executable file crashes due to an error reading a line of my .2dm file. I opened my .2dm file and there are more than 1,000,000 lines and when the change happens there is no space anymore (see below example column 3 and 4). How can I rectify this? I do not wish to reduce my grid size or 2D BC extents. E4Q 995608 999997 999996 999519 999520 1 2141 1264 ND 999998 607548.950 7595850.870 267.383 E4Q 995609 999998 999997 999520 999521 1 2141 1265 ND 999999 607558.950 7595850.870 267.475 E4Q 995610 999999 999998 999521 999522 1 2141 1266 ND 1000000 607568.950 7595850.870 267.536 E4Q 9956111000000 999999 999522 999523 1 2141 1267 ND 1000001 607578.950 7595850.870 267.781 E4Q 99561210000011000000 999523 999524 1 2141 1268 ND 1000002 607588.950 7595850.870 268.030
  6. Hello all, I am currently running a 1D/2D model and have encountered a peculiar problem. The model is stable and with minimal warnings, however my *_d.dat file reports negative depths within the 1D domain. The depths then become positive just outside the 1D domain (i.e. in the 2D domain). The weird thing is my *.tlf file does not report these negative depths. Furthermore, my *_h.dat output displays all positive water depths in both the 1D and 2D domains and looks reasonable. Also I would have thought that the *_d.dat depths plus my zpt elevations would equal my *_h.dat heights, but it doesn't add up; even in the 2D domain. Any ideas on why I am getting negative depths in my *_d.dat file in the 1D domain and not the *_h.dat file? What could cause a discrepancy between the *_d.dat and *_h.dat water levels on the 2D domain? Cheers for your help.
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