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    Ogee Spillway

    Has anyone got any experience or thoughts on modelling an ogee spillway (or a sharp crested weir) within a 2d domain. These are around 30% more efficient than a standard broadcrested weir. Cheers, Rob S
  2. No slope adopted. I input the QH relationship directly based on the dams weir and operating rules. good idea though... Cheers, Rob
  3. I am setting up a large regional scale TUFLOW model which has a dam spill way at the the downstream boundary. I have modelled the spillway with a HQ type 2d_bc line along the entire dam embankment. For some reason this boundary is very unstable and is actually pushing water back into the dam at the begining of the simulation. Stability is only improved by reducing the time steps right down to 0.5 seconds and even then it isn't great. The grid size is 10m so a half second time step seems smaller than it should need to be and it is causing model run times to be excessive. I know that HQ boundaries are not the most stable boundary condition but does anyone have an idea on how this could be improved. Note I have tried applying constant bathymetry and 'n' values along the boundary and immediatly upstream but this didn't help. Anyone got any ideas on how this could be improved? Cheers, Rob
  4. Has anyone had any issues getting this switch working correctly? I have succesfully got it working for one computer and this has enabled me to run a large model which wouldn't ordinarly have run. However there are 2 other similar PCs (with identical specs except for vide card) which I have also tried to install it on and for some reason the model will not run. The 3GB swith appears to have worked (i.e. it lets me log into a 3GB windows environment) however 'Cant allocate enough ram' error message occurs when I try to run the model (event though no other apps are running and the memory is actually there to be used) Any ideas on why the switch seems to work on some PCs but not others? (All PCs have 4 GB of RAM and are running windows XP SP2) Cheers,
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