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  1. Hi. Yes there is! Is it safe to delete this file? Do I have to delete other files as well? Or is it easier to just uninstall and re-install ISIS?
  2. Hi, I've installed the latest version of TUFLOW (2009-07-AA-iSP) which is currently in my EXECUTABLE folder. However, every time I run a model, an older version of TUFLOW seems to be running instead; in this case the "2008-08-AC-iSP" version. How can I get around this? Ram
  3. Hi, I've done some runs on TUFLOW and have an output of ZUK1 (hazard classsification) rather than ZUK0 (Actual hazard values). However, the hazard classification seems to be grouped wrongly and I get a lot of locations within the area with EXTREME HAZARD although this clearly is not the case. I've got the following commands in my *tcf file. UK Hazard Formula == D*(V+0.5)+DF !UK Hazard Debris Factor == DF UK Hazard Land Use == URBAN Is it possible to obtain the extract the hazard values fromt he results somehow, without having to rerun all the models again? Or Is there some sort of statement I can use within a GIS environment to generate hazard values manually, using the maximum depth grid and the maximum velocity grid from my results? I've got ArcView Gis 3.2a and MapInfo 8.5 installed in my computer. So the statement would be something like: IF (gridDep > 0.25m) then ((gridDep)*(gridVel+0.5)+1) if not, then apply ((gridDep)*(gridVel+0.5)) taking into consideration that I've asssigned the UK HAZARD Land Use as URBAN; i.e. anything more than 0.25m would have a debris factor of 1.0. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
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