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  1. I have just tried the M-Channel option, but I noticed that the diagnoal row of zero's in the matrix would not allow for a pump to be modelled. The manual also states that this is a requirement of the matrix. Nevertheless I have tried removing the diagonal row of zero's from the matrix and as expected this doesnt appear to be appreciated by the model and halts the computation unfortunately. I would imagine that the M-Channel would be sufficient if there is a way around this?
  2. Hi, Having reviewed the extents of the TUFLOW manual and attempted various pump schematisations within ESTRY I have not been able to find a suitable setup for a flood relief pump within an ESTRY pipe network which can then pump flow to a series of pipes before being discharged into the 2D domain on the coastline. I am hoping that someone on the TUFLOW forum may have had previous experience using pumps within ESTRY and will be able to help. The existing setup includes a QH point (using a 1d_bc layer) which references the .csv boundary control for the pump at this location. Upon reviewing the results (output checks CCA), no flow has entered the pipe which the pump is connected to. This may be because I have connected the 1d_bc_pump at the end of a pipe and not snapped to a vertice within the connecting pipe, however I am currently now investigating this option. In anticipation that this may also not prove fruitful I thought it best to start this discussion. Any advice with how to correctly represent a pump within a pipe network in ESTRY would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
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