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  1. Hi Phil, I am having issues with the TUFLOW Results Viewer (QGIS 2.12) not displaying ESTRY flows or water levels. I followed the instructions on the TUFLOW wiki and have loaded results (.info file) into the viewer and have selected elements from the N_Check and then also the C_Check files but the viewer is not plotting anything. Screenshots attached. Thanks in Advance. Edward TUFLOW_Results_Viewer_Screenshots.docx
  2. I am experiencing an issue where TUFLOW is producing different results when running the same model from (and writing output to): a) an external harddrive the internal hardrive (C drive) I performed a test running the exact same model from each the external harddrive and the C drive. The simulation carried out on the external harddrive ran through as normal where some flow broke out of the main channel. The simulation carried out on the C drive seems to go unstable at 1 hr 5 mins into the run when flow in the main channel stops flowing. Additionally the DV in the TLF drops rapidly at this point. The run does not officially go unstable and runs through the entire simulation time. I am unsure as to why this is occurring. I have heard of runs being run twice producing the different results, however in this case simulations that have been run from the external hardrive (and for that matter the C drive, even though flow stops flowing in the channel) are producing the same results when run twice. Any thoughts? Thanks Edward
  3. I am getting the same error message (Stack trace terminated abnormally) coming up on runs sporadically, which terminates the simulation. I am not running ISIS. I am running purely a TUFLOW model. I am running 2012-05-AB. Any ideas on a fix? Thanks Edward
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