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  1. Hi Paul, "Streamflow Measurement" by Reginald D Herschy might be worth a look at, especially with regard to UK (the author was a former Chairman of the British Standards Institution Committee on Hydrometry). Be warned, the book is not cheap! http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Streamflow_Measurement.html?id=L1Z-aQeVR0YC Cheers, Adam
  2. Hi Laura, My understanding is that this attribute could be used to represent anything on the river banks between the 1D and the 2D that would reduce the volume of water flowing out of channel and onto the floodplain. I would use it where vegetation is very dense on the channel banks or perhaps there is a fence that would represent a blockage to water flowing onto the 2D floodplain. Its perhaps not hugely useful in a relatively large model, however it may be applicable to small scale modelling. Not sure of what values you would be best using but perhaps a value based on the % blockage you expect to have between the channel banks on the floodplain? I may of course be very wrong about all of this, so i would welcome anybody with a greater understanding to correct me! Adam
  3. Hello, I am attempting to map my initial onset of flooding. To do this I have added the Time Output Cutoff Depths == 0.01 command to my .tcf file. However, when a generate an ascii grid i get strange values; first of all i get values at -0.0001 (before the start of my model) and secondly i get initial wetting that suggest an early inundation, however no flooding occurs at these area until much later on in the model. These area almost exclusively occur at the fringes of my flood extents. We have tested using a Time Output Cutoff Depths == 0 and the same issue still arises Attached is a jpeg that provides a clearer description of the problem as well as a zipped ascii used. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Adam Initial_flooding.pdf SEA_DEF_WW_T0005_2011_022_g002.50____0.00.zip
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