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  1. I am running a Flood Modeller-TUFLOW model using FloMo v 4.5. The Flood Modeller part runs just as if I were using the CPU, but there are no wet cells in TUFLOW at all, when there were plenty when running it with CPU. I checked the supplementary results and there appears to be no flow from Flood Modeller into the TUFLOW domain. A TUFLOW log file is output and TUFLOW is running, yet reports zero wet cells. Do I need to do anything in addition to calling the HPC solver to get Flood Modeller to talk to TUFLOW?
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. One more question about this: When you were running your simulations in this way, did the second batch file that you called from your 'master' batchfile only start once the first one had finished running? Angela
  3. Hi, I want to create one batch file that will manage a bunch of model runs as in starting one model, and then once that is finished starting the next one. This works fine, as long as the .tcf files are all in the same folder as the batch file. But my .tcf files are in different folders. I tried specifying the folder path, and the .tcf file is located correctly. But then TUFLOW seems to add that path to every file I specify within the .tcf, .tgc or .tbc file, and consequently doesn't find the necessary input files. Can someone help me with this? Thanks, Angela
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