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  1. In the 2011 TUFLOW workshops, a new .tgc command "Read GIS Gauge Output" was discussed and apparently available from Build 2011-09-AA. As far as I know this hasn't been documented anywhere in subsequent release notes. Is this feature available and is there any documentation for it at present? Thanks very much.
  2. Hi everyone I'm trying to use waterRIDE flood manager to create a wrb file from my Tuflow results. It's an older model originally run using build 2007-07-AB. When I try to create the wrb file using the original results, I get the error message "could not read velocity data headers". I've re-run the model with the latest 2011 version, but when trying to process these results I get the error message "list index out of bounds (1)". I don't believe it's a waterRIDE issue as the software seems to be working without problems with results from other models. Has anyone come across a similar error and any idea what the cause might be? I haven't tried using SMS as I don't currently have access to the software. Many thanks Nicola
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