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  1. I’m looking to download the latest TUFLOW python library for use in some post-processing scripts. I can’t find the 2016 files mentioned and used by Phil at the UK conference last week. I have the TUFLOW QGIS plugin installed (and up‑to‑date according to the plugin manager), but rummaging around, it seems to contain v2013 files. Dave
  2. Hi, I’ve recently been running a linked ISIS‑TUFLOW model (ISIS 3.7 / TUFLOW 2013‑12‑AD – both 64‑bit DP) and I’m noticing a large change in simulation time if I include PO lines along the 1D/2D boundary. No PO lines – the simulation takes approx. 4hrs. Including the PO lines (approximately 100 in total) – 11hrs. No other changes to the model setup. I understood from the latest release notes that 2d_po flow lines should not slow down a simulation (see point 23 on p11 - TUFLOW Release Notes.2013-12.pdf). Is this still a known issue or a bug? Cheers for any help. Dave
  3. I agree with stormwater01 - too many contents / links pages scattered around at the front of the document. I tend to do a CTRL+F search to find the link I need within the "Table of Contents" page. I don't think it wouldn't be too much hassle for us to scroll down 1-2 pages each time we open the document to see a single table (the current "Table of Contents") containing the links we need. You could also "hide" a link to this page as the TUFLOW logo on the front page.
  4. Bill, It seems that I'm having a similar problem with a new ESTRY-TUFLOW model I'm building. At 05:30 in the simulation, I get NaN in my results occuring at several nodes along a short stretch of my model. The model continues to run and several nodes downstream, the flows seem sensible. Did you find a solution to this problem? Thanks, Dave
  5. Started the simulations again using build 2011-09-AF. They seem to be running at the same speed now. I'm not quite sure what the issue was but I'll keep an eye out and try to work out what I was doing wrong. I asked a couple of my colleagues who had not seen the problem either (using previous builds with different models) so it's almost certain I'd typed something incorrectly somewhere! Thanks Dave
  6. Just checked the two simulations running on the same PC at the same time. After half an hour of run time, the simulation without the .tef file is 3hrs 20mins into the run and with the .tef file it has only completed 2hrs 45mins... This is with build 2011-09-AE. I'm downloading build AF now. Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi Phil, Everything has stayed the same in the .tcf/.ecf apart from the necessary changes to use the .tef file. As far as I am aware, both times, the simulations where the only process running on the PC. I'm running them both again now (small change to the model). Hopefully they'll take the same length of time and I can just say it was me going crazy! Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi, I've set up a .tef file for a project I'm currently working on. The simulation runs through fine and exactly the same results, logs and warnings are generated as before without using the .tef file. However the run time has increased from 6.5 hours to 8.25 hours per simulation. Is this normal? (It's not too bad for one simulation but after ten simulations the differences add up!) Thanks for any information/help/suggestions! Dave
  9. I had 54 simulations to run. I decided to try 18 lots of 3 at a time. When I clicked the master batch file, it ran three sub-batch files at once that stepped through 18 of the simulations each, one at a time. Hope that's clear!
  10. Hi Angela, I solved a similar problem to this using batch files to call the batch files. (Sounds like something from the movie Inception!) Have one batch file to run your sims in one folder... start "TUFLOW" /wait /low <--TUFLOW FILEPATH--> -b -x <--TCF FILEPATH--> start "TUFLOW" /wait /low <--TUFLOW FILEPATH--> -b -x <--TCF FILEPATH--> ... and then another batch file to run those batch files! start <--ABSOLUTE FILEPATH TO BATCH FILE--> start <--ABSOLUTE FILEPATH TO BATCH FILE--> ... I hope that helps! I've used this method to run 54 simulations, three at a time over a weekend. Dave
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