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  1. Hi everyone, We have been undertaking multiple TUFLOW runs on a single modelling machine and found that the CPU utilisation remains below 50%. The machine has 20 cores,128GB RAM and runs on 64-bit Windows 10. Any idea on how we can tweak the machine to utilise the CPU further?
  2. Hi, I am undertaking modelling for a catchment with majority of the area being sandy soil. Would it be more appropriate to model with continuing loss (subtract from rainfall) as well as a soils layer with high infiltration rate (remove water in the hydraulic model)? Or do i just use one or the other? Thanks.
  3. Hi Phil No messages indicating errors or warnings for the pits. I will send through the files to you now. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone I have a few pits in my model which are inactive even though I have specified "SX" in the node attribute (indicated by the arrows in the figure attached). The problem seems to be restricted to this one small area whilst for the rest of the catchment this network layer seems to be working fine. I did a few other checks and everything looks correct and I couldn't pinpoint why TUFLOW wouldn't activate those pits. If anyone could help me troubleshoot this I would be very grateful. Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aw13ulyp2vz9rat/Pits_Inactive.jpg
  5. Hi guys, I would like to know whether the pBlockage attribute is used in a Pit/Node (point) layer? I did some testing by specifying a blockage factor and it did change the flows go into the pit even though the TUFLOW manual stated this attribute is not used for Pit/Node? Thanks.
  6. I have been getting errors while trying to load the TUFLOW results into SMS 11.0 where it says there were invalid elements/elements were deleted. It proceeded to say that the number of elements in the .dat files do not match object. Not sure exactly what it meant. Does anyone know a solution to this? I have tried the above to no avail and the .dat is less than 50mb. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I would like to know whether there's a difference between the "f1" and "f2" attributes? Thanks.
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