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  1. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 3.0.0

    Hi All, TRIM 3.0.0 has been released with the following new features: TRIM is now 64 bit allowing for bigger queues and handling larger simulations without any memory problems. Post Processing is much improved with the ability to generate inundation polygons at various depth cutoffs as well as acessing TUFLOW variables in post processing templates. The queue can now be archived to a file and re-imported from an archive file. This can be useful to transfer queues between computers and archive workflows. Reporting is improved. Please feel free to download TRIM from our website. Regards, Chris Catchment Simulation Solutions
  2. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 2.7.0

    Hi All, TRIM 2.7.0 has been released with the following new features: Linked Files: You can now see all linked GIS, CSV and grid files associated with a simulation in a simple form (Right Click >> Linked Files). Files can be easily loaded and edited via right click menus and warning are provided if files are missing, out of date or have changed since the simulation was run.A custom hazard calculator is now included with TRIM allowing any hazard schema to be run manually or integrated with a post processing template.Please feel free to download TRIM from our website. Regards, Chris Catchment Simulation Solutions
  3. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 2.6.5

    Hi All, TRIM 2.6.5 has been released with the following changes and new features: Improved on-the-fly charting including volume change, 1D vs 2D mass balance errors Disk/network load management options including limiting one model to initial checks phase at a time Improved model completion time estimates (may give funny results for models started in previous version) Advanced experimental post processing options including automated flood height contours and inundation polygons Please feel free to download TRIM from our website. Regards, Chris Catchment Simulation Solutions
  4. TRIM 2.5.0 has now been released including the following features and changes. Manage Simulations across Multiple Computers A single TRIM instance can now manage TUFLOW simulations across multiple computers using our new server mode. This allows any number of modelling computers to be managed with a single queue and a centralised interface for communication and post processing. TRIM will prioritise faster computers and will notify you if computers go offline. This is ideal for ensuring maximum license utilisation efficiency and speed of modelling. There is no additional cost or licenses required for the modelling computers in the cluster. Click here for more information. Changes to Licensing and Pricing We have modified the TRIM license model based on user feedback. All non-free TRIM licenses are now licensed via USB dongle and are sold with a perpetual license with annual support and maintenance (instead of the previous subscription model). Indicative upfront pricing is approximately 15% of your TUFLOW license. A full featured free version of TRIM is still available that supports only 1 simultaneous simulation. Click here for more information. Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi Danny, You might also be interested in the free version of TRIM. It has a function called Auto Stop that allows you to set your own early termination criteria (see image). The most robust way to use this would be to use TUFLOW's Display Water Level option and set the coordinates to the last area of interest to reach it's peak flood. You can then set the simulation to end after the level here has droped by X %. You can cover off double peaks by using the first option to only start tracking it after X % of the simulation. Note, this doesn't require you to turn on the 'End After Maximum ==' option. It may also be able to stop the simulation earlier than the TUFLOW option, but use with care! Cheers, Chris
  6. TRIM 2.0 has now been released which includes the following features: Post processing templates now include the option to compress intermediary and source data files (inc DAT / 2DM / XMDF) into a single archive following completion of the post processing for the whole group. This can save up to 90% of disk space and reduce file clutter. TRIM now monitors available disk space and warns when it gets low TRIM is now available in single user and network USB dongles Support for res_to_res and xmdf (full support pending an update to TUFLOW_to_GIS) For more information, please refer to http://www.csse.com.au/trim NB: Due to the change from dat_to_dat to res_to_res, post processing templates will need to be restored to defaults. Please contact us before upgrading if you need help migrating existing customisations.
  7. Q: I have SMS 10.1 purchased together with licence of TUFLOW (one standalone dongle). I can use TUFLOW directly from SMS interface, but when I use it from TRIM it doesn`t work – can`t find license. Is there any setting inside TRIM, or any other solution to use it? A: Some TUFLOW licenses bundled with SMS require the -sms switch to be passed on the TUFLOW command line. This can be setup in the TRIM interface by by putting –sms in the Other Parameters section in the Defaults tab and clicking Save Settings.
  8. Hi All, You can now completely automate TUFLOW post processing using TRIM 1.9.5 including dat_to_dat and TUFLOW_to_GIS. You can also automatically convert between data formats to create specialised formats such as MapInfo tables, ESRI Shape Files and GeoTIFF grids (which have performance and disk space advantages over ASCII GRID files). You can see a brief overview video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxcXA2p6L0g&hd=1 Documentation can be found at: http://www.csse.com.au/trim_online_help/index.php?automation_of_post_processing.htm Please don't hesitate to post feedback or questions in this forum. Get a free version of TRIM from here Have a great day!
  9. We have found that TRIM Auto Stop may not work if you are using remote desktop to access the computer running TRIM and then disconnect or minimise the remote desktop window. You can find a resolution to this problem at the bottom of the following page. http://www.csse.com.au/trim_online_help/index.php?trim_autostop.htm
  10. TRIM 1.8.8 has been released and includes a new feature that can automatically end simulations after the flood peak has passed. Users can configure this setting based on a combination of Wet Cells (2D), Flow Out and Water Level. This feature is designed to save time by not modelling the full recession limb of the flood. In addition, users do not need to iteratively adjust simulation end times for different events. For more information, please refer to our documentation. TRIM will automatically send email/Skype messages following an Auto-Stop based on your communication profile. Auto-Stopped simulations are treated as successful simulations for the purposes of notifications. The Simulation Interrupted summary will be included in the email/Skype message content. An example is shown below. Existing users will be prompted to download the new version next time they use TRIM. New users can get it here.
  11. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 1.8.6

    Hi All, A new version of TRIM has been released. New Features Introduction of TRIM Notifier, a preconfigured email system that should work with any corporate firewall (ideal for those that can't configure a SMTP server due to port blocking) New setup wizard allows simple configuration of TRIM out of the box Filter on queue allows simple management of large queues Manually run simulations by right click New Skype remote management commands (specify TUFLOW version when adding a simulation, run next, move and remove models) Updated bug tracker with ability to directly upload bug reports (no email client required) Option to manually specify default text editor for log and run files Bug fixes Fix for non-zero start time simulations Tolerant of non-standard commands such as 'Start Time (hr) ==' instead of 'Start Time ==' Fix when adding event/scenario simulations via right click 'Open with TRIM' New checks to ensure Skype contact in friends list and Skype is not trying to send to/from the same account
  12. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 1.7.7

    We are pleased to announce the release of TRIM 1.7.7. This version includes the following changes: Significantly improved stability. The ability to save and load configuration files for the Event / Scenario Configuration form. Bug fixed that prevented resumed simulations being marked as complete. Several additional bug fixes and minor features added. As you may be aware TRIM is available free for 1 simultaneous simulation. However, for a limited time we are also offering free 45 day trials of our 4 & 8 simultaneous simulation products. Please email trim_sales@csse.com.au to arrange a trial. Regards, Chris
  13. Chris Ryan

    TRIM Released

    We are pleased to announce that TRIM is now out of Beta and has been formally released. TRIM is available free for up to 1 simultaneous TUFLOW simulation. We think that TRIM should be useful to all TUFLOW modellers by providing a simple simulation manager with some great capabilities including: Communication Skype and email notification of unstable, stalled and complete models Better management of events and scenarios An interactive GUI to help select which events and scenarios to run (no need to type out all your various event/scenario conbinations in batch file) Ability to preview TCF after event and scenario substitutions (helpful for model development) Remote access Check the status of your simulations easily via Skype on your phone or PC (or even add simulations remotely) Much more including on the fly charting of results, model pre-requisites and easy model testing. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of TRIM free, you may be interested in upgrading to one of our commercial subscriptions. These allow the management of multiple simultaneous simulations and start from $399 AUD (ex GST). To get TRIM, please visit our shop. Regards, Chris Ryan PS. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Beta testing. We’d also like to thank Bill Syme and the BMT WBM team for their ongoing support.
  14. Trim only has limited support for nested IF statements in Scenarios, we are working to resolve this in the next release.
  15. Chris Ryan

    TRIM 1.6.5

    TRIM's ability to respond to Skype messages is switched off by default. You can turn it on by un-checking the 'Send Only' option in the TRIM Skype Settings page.
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