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  1. Hi Team, I have just had a request from a client who wants to have a raster that is the ratio of two raster result files. There are approximately 80 such rasters to produce and obviously this will take some time using GIS packages such as QGIS. Has anyone produced such a tool? If not then I think it would be a really great feature to add to the asc_to_asc utility. Regards, Franciscus Maas
  2. Hi Sam, It really depends on what you are trying to do (i.e. what do you want to display). A nifty tool that I sometimes use to look at the results is the TUFLOW plugin for QGIS. Both are freeware. Regards, Franciscus Maas Opus International Consultants Ltd New Zealand
  3. Hi, You didn't state any details about grid size, cross-section spacing and where they are, so I'll give you a generic answer. We just recently did some training and covered something similar. An old bridge embankment was impinging majorly on the floodplain flow in the 2D outside my 1D channel and I was having problems with stability elswhere in the model. It turns out that I didn't have enough 1D cross-sections near my bridge embankment causing large water level differences between my 1D and 2D. As a result I was getting huge circulation upstream and downstream of my bridge causing instabilities elsewhere in the model. I suggest that you look at adding at least one (if not two) cross-sections upstream and downstream of the bridge to help the model sort out the water level differences between the 1D and 2D without generating large circulation currents in the 2D. Regards, Franciscus Maas Senior Hydraulic Engineer Opus International Consultants Ltd
  4. Hi Phil, It has been a wee while since I last looked at this thread and noticed that it has been a while since there was last a post, yet there still is till not a final answer/solution. So has this tool progressed beyond the beta-stage and is it now available for packages other than QGIS? Regards, Franciscus
  5. Hi, We recently had a similar problem and found that it was all as a result of the projections of the two layers being different. We were using MapInfo to generate the layers and there it is not always obvious what projection each leayer is in. Regards, F J Maas Senior Hydraulic Engineer Opus International Consultants Ltd
  6. Hi, I am trying to produce a time varying long section plot along an ESTRY (1D) branch in my 1D/2D model. Using the Excel macros I can plot the water level at either the start or end point of a branch versus time and using the miTools I can plot a long section of my branch. Yet neither of these seems to offer me a way to display the water level along my branch (and with the correct longitudinal distance) at a particular time. Is it possible to do this and if so how? I have attached a picture that gives an idea of the kind of output I would like to produce. Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions or comments. Regards, Franciscus
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