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  1. suggested putting an IWL of to be the same as the HT boundaries
  2. Running the new 2020 release and have just come across the following error: 2807 trying to apply more than 1 level boundary. Can not find any literature on this error. 😞 Any guidance on rectifying this issue would be greatly appreciated. πŸ™ Cheers πŸ‘½
  3. Ezra, lol G’day! We sorted that out over Jabber!! Yes it’s me. πŸ˜‚
  4. Peter, yes! thanks! You helped jog my memory. I used the aforementioned application a lot a long time ago. Drawing one 1d culvert line, then a SX line over multiple cells on the upstream and downstream ends. A CN connection line would connect the 2d cells to flow into the culvert.
  5. Hi all, Is there a way I can transfer 2D flows from say within a polygon to another cell or even 1D node? Thanks
  6. Phil, do you have an example of "NA" (nodal area) type object in the 1d_tab format??
  7. Hi Admin, Do you have an example of model text files incorporating .tcf HPC, 1d (.ecf), IL (materials), direct rainfall? Thanks in advance
  8. Phil, champion as usual. Cheers - O-Dogs
  9. Hi TUFLOW Can the Read Grid Zpts == be used with Geotiff files? Thanks - O-dogs
  10. hi rachel, are you able to respond? cheers O
  11. Hi there Rachel! Thanks for the reply!!!! Yes I would really like to know of the transfer procedure. My objective is to replicate the transfer of 1% AEP volumes from a low point into a swale elsewhere in the model. the underground pipe has been designed in DRAINS, but I would like to estimate the reduction in flood depth using a method within the GPU module and avoid having to incorporate a 1d network then adopt the CPU module.
  12. Is is possible to apply HT boundaries within the 2D domain to withdraw flows out of the model and avoid using 1d estry components? I'd like to maintain using the GPU module. Cheers O
  13. Hi admins, Have just been running a ~ 50ha ROG model, pure 2D domain with the GPU solver. We really wanted to run it using 1m cells so we could pick up on small overland flow paths within the site. the model continued to be unstable until we adopted 4m cells. The 4 hour simulation ran very very fast, in about 5 minutes. Am I right in thinking that maybe the time step may have some impact on the instability? Are there any codes that can applied to slow the time step and accept (force) a smaller grid, such as a 1m or even 2m? Cheers
  14. Hi Tuflow Not sure why we are getting this error: ERROR 0103 - BC Groups not supported for .csv formats have not come across this before. our 2D GPU model bcbase files are setup the same. we are using 2d_sa buffers. thanks O-Dogs
  15. Hey Rachel, thanks, i think you have got it! i remember setting up a dummy BC HQ when i was going through the model showing some newbies. my bad.
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