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  1. Hi, Used to be can import all check file via TUFLOW plugin, now seems only the dom check file has been loaded and errors. the QGIS I currently use are 3.2.0 and 2.18.24. anyone has similar issue? Regards Hai
  2. laomashu

    Soakge pit

    Hi, Can anyone provide advices how to simulate the soakage pit in TUFLOW? Many Thanks Hai
  3. laomashu

    HPC run

    Hi, I have developed a rain on grid model and run it on a PC with GeForce GTX 780 Ti, driver version 372.90, the simulation was crash due to unstable. However the run was fine on other PC which has GeForce GTX Titan Black, driver version 372.90. I just wondering whether the graphic card has impact on the simulation. Regards hai Chen
  4. Hi, Like to know how to apply cell flow width factors (CWF) in TUFLOW GPU. what command should be used. "Read GIS FC Shape == ". I got the mode with 15 cell size and bridge span is only 5m, try to use the cell flow width factors to simulate the flow thru the bridge. any advice is much appreciated. Regards Henry
  5. Hi Rachel, Thanks your reply, I was using tmf not csv. the final reading from tlf file is: #9 - Material 9: Manning's n vs Depth Curve: # Depth n 1 0.1000 0.0200 2 0.1200 0.3000 IL = 0.0mm, CL = 0.0mm/h Landuse Hazard ID not set. SRF (Storage Reduction Factor) = 0.05 Fraction Impervious = 0. Cheers Henry
  6. Hi , I like to know whether there is a check file available in 2d check file, so can check and verify the input of variable manning by depth in 2d domain. In my case, I am using variable manning by depth to simulate the effect from building, see the text from tmf file. 9, 0.020, 0.00, 0.0, 0.1, 0.02, 0.12, 0.30, , 0 ! Buildings However I only can see the manning of 0.3 has been assigned to cells where the building are from 2d_grd check file. Wondering there is a check file or 2d_po time series data file can tell the true story behind the scheme. Thanks Henry
  7. Hi Phil, Thanks, I have changed the TOC file accordantly, however still not how to connect to 2d, , my thoughts are: option 1 - use 2d_bc with one cn line and one sx line, like to connect to more than one cell option2 - insert weir node in 1d_nwk file with sx at conn_1d_2d I have tried option 2, but the result indicates the pump is not functioning. Your advise would be appreciated Rgs Hai
  8. Hi, I am going to model pump station in 1d network with control file (TOC). I also include 1d_mh to represent the storage tank in the model. the model layout can be seen at attached pdf. the toc file is: Define Pump Control == pump_op !---------------deafult Setting ------------ Pump operation == off Pump Capacity == 1 ! capacity in cums Pump period (min) == 1 ! time to start Pump number == 4 ! No of pumps !Set user variable H_Pump_tank == H1d Pump_tank ! operation period if H_Pump_tank == 2 ! triger level to start pump Pump operation == on else if H_Pump_tank == 1.5 ! triger level to stop pump Pump operation == off else Pump operation == no change end if End Define my questions are: 1. dose the setting in TOC file work? 2. Can I use 2d_bc at the end of 1d pump to connect to 2d, and add u at flag attribute of sx line to prevent back flow. looking for reply ASAP. Regards Hai Chen Doc2.pdf
  9. Hi, Thanks your reply, please see the attached screen plots of _bcc_check, grd_check and zpt_check for 2m and 5m cell size model. it is noticed that there are some high points at both end of 2d_bc line. I really like to figure out what is the model doing under 2m and 5m cell size. Looking forward your reply soon. Regards Hai C
  10. Hi All, I have done some test runs of rain on grid model by using GPU, the details are: Boundary condition – 2d_bc HT type (statics tail water) Run1 - 5m cell size Run2 - 3m cell size Run3 – 2m cell size All runs are same except change cell size in TGC file When checking the water level at the location near boundary, it was found that the results show the level is dropping after peak for 3m and 5m cell size model runs. However the level for 2m cell size model is continually increasing, it seems the 2d_BC is not functioning. see attached file for more inforamtion. Appreciated that someone can help. Regards Hai CGPU check.pdf
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