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  1. I've trawled the manual and I can't seem to find the answer to this - if it is in there please let me know! If I have multiple grids listed in the .tgc via the Read GRID == command, where cells overlap, does Tuflow treat the first grid as 'truth' then the second and third etc, or does the last grid overwrite overlapping cells from grids in the lines of code immediately above? I could merge them in Esri but that creates more files, uses more disk space etc. Thanks.
  2. I have a 2d model that I want to produce several types of map output at different frequencies. I want all map output to be written to both XMDF and DAT files, but I only want depth maximums to be written to ASCII grid output. The code below is what I currently have, which seems to agree with the Tuflow Manual, however the model is producing ASC output for all specified timesteps, not only maximums. --- ! Define what results are to be output Map Output Format == XMDF ASC DAT Map Output Data Types == d v q h !d E F h q R t V W Z1 ZH ! Non-default output variables Store Maximums and Minimums == ON MAXIMUMS ONLY ! can save peak and minimum values (ON) or peak values only (ON MAXIMUMS ONLY) ASC Map Output Data Types == d ! exports depth grid only for ASC output (others can be exported manually from TUFLOW_TO_GIS) !----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Define times for writing results Start Map Output == 95 ! start map output time (hours) End Map Output == 130 ! end map output time (hours) Map Output Interval == 900 ! frequency the map output data is written to file (seconds) ASC Map Output Interval == 0 ! maximums only for ASC output Time Series Output Interval (s) == 900 ! frequency the timeseries data is written to file (seconds) Screen/Log Display Interval == 60 ! frequency with which output is displayed in the DOS window during a simulation (seconds) CSV Time == Hours --- Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been tweaking a model over the last few months and I've just realised I have a discrepancy regarding the 2d_bc_code layer. I updated this layer to widen the model domain in a specific section of the model to improve our understanding of overland flow paths, however I have recently realised that the 2d_bc_code layer is referenced in both the .tgc and .tbc model files. I am now in the scenario of having the updated 2d_bc_code layer referenced in the .tgc file and the older superseded file referenced in the .tbc file. From the model output, Tuflow seems to be using the updated 2d_bc_code layer (so the command in the .tgc file), which I guess is why I never picked up on this oversight until now. But that raises a few questions: Is the above assumption (that the model seems to prioritise the command in the .tgc file) correct? Why are no errors raised when two different 2d_bc_code layers are referenced in the same model? Does the 'Read MI BC ==' command need to be stated in both .tgc and .tbc files and if so, why? The only variation I can find is in the .tgc file, the command is 'Read MI Code BC ==', however in the .tbc file the command is as above in the last bullet point. Is this a relic from a previous version? As above, the model output seems sensible in conjunction with the updated 2d_bc_code layer, so I am unsure of the purpose/authority of the command in the .tbc file. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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