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  1. I've created a model with approx. 200 polylines in 12d. I have exported this model as a .12da file. Using a 'Header.mif' with the projection information I require, I have tried to use the 12da_to_from_mif.exe program to create .mif and .mid files. This has not worked, telling me that the .exe has 'Converted 0 string objects and ignored 0'. Please note that I have tried run the .exe using the strings exported as Polylines, Super and 3d. I've also read the online information for using the 12da_to_from_mif.exe and the other similar TUFLOW Forum posts. I also ran a previous .12da run using the .exe and that 12da was successful in its conversion of all strings. I tried to change the format and content of the text governing my.12da to match the other .12da and this did not work either.
  2. Hello. I am running two pure 2d models [2.5m grid] - one with an existing bridge across a river, the other with the same bridge plus a new bridge approx. 10m downstream. The two models are exactly the same, except for the fcsh layers that have been setup to simulate the bridge profiles. When I run the 'existing bridge' model, it has no problems. When I try to simulate the 'new bridge' model, it goes unstable, typically at the same point in the time. I have tried various different things to overcome this issue. I have: 1. Reduced the timestep (from 1.25 to 1) 2. Used separate fcsh layers (one for the existing bridge and on for the new bridge) 2. Used a combined fcsh layer (both bridges and the space between the two represented as a the fcsh) Many thanks, Patrick Sloan
  3. Hello - I am getting the same issue as described by georgeberry. I am confident that the CN and HX lines are snapping correctly to each other and that CN Lines are snapping properly to the 1d_nwk. They are also in the same 2d_bc layer. Nor are they any duplicates of the HX / CN Lines nor are they being read from the TGC file (being read from the TBC file). An image of the error is shown below - also strange is that the error is not point directly to either the CN Lines or the 1d_nwk Thanks Error 2024.bmp
  4. Hello I have created a modified version of an existing 1D Estry/2D Tuflow model. 1D consists of a main channel 1.8km and a 2D covers 1.2 long x 0.5km high (2.5m grid) Instability problems occurs very early in the a 100yr run (generally 20mins). When I look at the error messages, the instabilities do not make sense. For one thing, the instabilities are occuring well away from the flooding extents determined using previous simulations of the existing model. They are also located far away from the 1d channels and their boundaries (about 1.0km away). Attached in a image describes my problems further. Regards, sloan1411 Unstable.bmp
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