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  1. I have run into this same issue and would rather not have to cut a section from a raster. Could TUFLOW add functionality to the lp_po, so besides just velocity (V_) and water level (H_), add ground surface elevation. Then all the data to make the cross-section would be in the csv. Thanks, Scott
  2. Hi Peter, Thanks. I didn't read far enough in the manual. Now I see that the csv files are located under the \plot\csv\ folder. Scott
  3. Hi, The files: "project_1d_V.csv", "project_1d_Q.csv", and "project_1d_H.csv" are not showing up in my results folder. I do see the files: "project_1d_MB.csv", and "project_MB1D.csv". Let me know how to find or create the missing csv time series file. Thanks, Scott ps. I've attached the .eof file and appears to be working. Campbell_PondA_test.eof
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