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  1. Hello, My colleague is trying to join up to the forum but whenever he tries to create an account its says he has failed a security check, even though the box next to the security check is blank. He has tried with multiple web browsers, is there anything else he should try? Thanks
  2. When trying to link Flood Modeller with the latest release of TUFLOW (2018-03-AA) i get an error relating to the dynamic link library. Is there anything I should try to get rid of this error? Error found in the attached image
  3. Hi All, I'm coming up with some "interesting" issues using a few commands - likelihood is that I'm making a FUE, however I can't see it and the results don't seem to be representative of such a mistake. (Background, this is for building representation) Issue #1 Read GIS Zpts Add == blah (using a blank 2d_z__empty_R.shp) Using elevation of 0.15 I would expect this to add 0.15m to the zpts it captures. The TLF suggests it is finding the file and reading it in properly, but alas there is no result to be shown anywhere! Nothing to be seen in the check files to suggest that this has been accomplished. The file shows in the "input layers" check file, but no result. Issue #2 Having failed at the above, I thought I'd have a go at modelling the buildings using something different. As such I used a new GIS z__empty_R and took the buildings from my Mastermap layer. Copied them in and applied a SRF to it of 0.1. Looking at my UVPT check file I can see an SRF being applied of 1 and a WRF of 1. I suppose i was expecting a 0.1 SRF, so to see 1 makes me thing that something is not quite correct! Hope that makes sense - I'm at a bit of a loss on this one, reading through the manual suggests that I'm performing the correct steps, but receiving an incorrect response - since FUE is the most likely I thought I'd come to you lot for some advice! Chris
  4. Hi Everyone. I'm reviewing an ESTRY/TUFLOW model which results in a simulation failure - quite a catastrophic one, but having gone through the usual diagnostic checks I'm coming up at a loss of what would cause such a significant instability to manifest so quickly. I have attached some outputs for failure and failure-1 showing the devastation. I've gone through the geometry, linking, materials and all the standard checks which yield nothing interesting or out of the usual. My prime suspects are: The bridge downstream surcharging (at 12.86mAOD) as the simulation fails when water level is 12.78mAOD during the last output so assuming that it has reached surcharge before the next output interval. High velocities. Velocity in the 2d domain is >6m/s in a 3m grid A nice big flat water surface across the channel and floodplain causing a few wobbles. In the images, I've labelled the mmQ estry layer with peak flow - which is enormous compared to the upstream sections and downstream sections, as an indication of the volumes that have magically appeared. Also added a DTM shot showing that there is nothing funky going on there, this is confirmed from checking the zpt-check files. However I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts. The mystery water fountain is 435m high and is a bit of a pest.
  5. You will find the informations regarding Mx in the 2012-06-AE release notes, but the relevant section is here: "At the end of each line three numbers are displayed after “Mx”. The first two numbers are the percentage of 1D nodes and percentage of 2D cells that reached a new maximum in the last computational timestep. The third number is the time in decimal hours since no new maximum was recorded anywhere within the model. For example, “Mx 10 21 0.0” indicates that 10% of 1D nodes and 21% of 2D cells recorded a new maximum last timestep, and the time since the last recorded maximum is zero as would be expected. Once all 1D nodes and 2D cells have reached their maximums the third (time) value will increase above zero." As far as your Qo difference, I'd be interested to know where you are reading the two different figures from? If it is in the summary section of the TLF then I would have expected them to include both rainfall and hydrograph outflows.
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