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    1D import

    Sorry Phil didn't get a prompt for your reply!! Yes it was converting over database to Tuflow format, ive got a workaround now just through excel with a couple of formulas, but just out of curiosity is there an easier (read faster) way?
  2. aberry

    1D import

    Hi all, I have been using Tuflow/MapInfo for quite some time and generally using queries etc to refine Council drainage networks to align to headers required and bring in the 1D components. However new to using QGIS now and having trouble finding a way to do the same. How does everyone else do it, through an external method or within QGIS itself, any tips? Thanks Adam
  3. aberry

    Grid Sizing

    Murari and Dave, Thank you both for the reply Adam
  4. aberry

    Grid Sizing

    Hey all, I am not a very proficient user of Tuflow however wanted to ask the question: In order to designate an overland flow path area as easement through property/council reserve etc and on a fairly localised level, what grid sizing would be appropriate? Is it fair to assume that down to a level of 1 or 2m would be sufficient considering computing times and level of accuracy? Would it be fair to assume that either a check with an alternative model (such as HECRAS) should also be made on the channel with more accurate levels, or a mannings sensitivity on the Tuflow model for a particular area of the model of concern (property in close proximity etc0. Adam
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