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  1. Hi Has anyone tried using the new 2d_fcsh option yet? I have been having problems getting it to work and any advice would be appreciated. Attached is an example of the set up. The brown polygon is the area that i wish to adjust with the attributes as below. invert = 2.95 (new invert of side zpt) obvert = 99999 (ie no obvert) shape width etc = 0 (not used for polygons) Shape Options = Raise FC Type = blank blockage = 50 (grid size is 10m and i only want a 5m width) The rest arent used. When i try to run it i get the attached message in the run window. Pressing either yes or no does nothing (which is strange) and the only way to close it is by using the cross in the right had corner. The run window suggests that it is modifying the one zpt required. Any ideas? Thank you Tony 2d_fcsh_example.doc
  2. thughes

    Viewing Grids

    Hi I am experencing some issues with Mapinfo/Vertical Mapper (v9 & v3.1). When, for instance, trimming grids to a polygon as attached. The resulting view of the grid shifts up and to the left, although when checking the levels they appear to match that of the original grid. Null values are given in the areas where the grid is shown differently than before. Also, in areas where the grid says there is no information, levels values can be obtained and match that of the original. This suggests that the .grd file is ok but the raster imaging in mapinfo is adjusting the registration. Has anyone else experienced this problem??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Grid_shift_example.doc
  3. when using the latest tin_to_tin.exe (2007_07_aa) to convert 12da files to mapinfo tri files i get the attached problem when the existing 12da file has been overwritin due to a change in the 12d tin. The file originally converted fine. When you then delete the existing 12da file and create another of the same name the conversion works fine. tin_to_tin_error.doc
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