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  1. Hi Gillian, Another issue may be file size. From memory SMS 9 does not read in .dat files that are greater than 2Gb. This may have been fixed in more recent releases (i.e. there now appears to be a 64 bit release of SMS 10.1) but used to be a problem. Perhaps try change the frequency of output to ensure file size is < 2Gb. Cheers, Rohan.
  2. I've also had this problem and was able to fix it by editing the .erf file. If you compare an .erf from a 1d-2d model (where the restart files work) you see that each 1d node needs initial conditions for both level and velocity. In the 2d-only model only head levels for each of the "nodes" are created. By copying the head nodes below under a velocity heading and then setting all the values to 0 the model should run. However, it is probably easier to just create a dummy 1d network as previously suggested.
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