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  1. Hi everyone As per Bill's post yesterday, the first version of TUFLOW AD has now been officially launched. The AD module uses hydraulic data from TUFLOW and the ULTIMATE QUICKEST solution scheme to simulate the fate, transport, decay and settling (if required) of up to 20 dissolved and/or particulate constituents. It can currently do so in single 2D domains in response to specification of spatially variant initical conditions, all transient 2D BCs (e.g. HT, QT etc), and SA polygon forcing. It also has the ability to simulate simple (short) SX pipe networks within a 2D domain. As an upgrade to the beta release last year, the module now also includes the optional ability to dynamically simulate water temperature in response to user specification of atmospheric forcing timeseries (i.e. short and lonwave radiation, wind speed, relative humidity and air temperature). This specification can be either as a single point or as spatially variant. Addition of a further module to simulate full water quality constituents and transformation via third party routines is currently underway and is expected to be compelted to beta testing stage shortly. When this is complete I will invite anyone interested to be involved in beta-testing. I am also looking at developing 1D network simulation and multiple 2D domain capabilities in future. More information on TUFLOW AD can be found here, or drop me an email if you are interested in the AD module. Michael
  2. Hi All The first release of the TUFLOW Advection Dispersion module (TUFLOW AD) is now available as part of a beta testing program. The AD module allows for the simulation of up to 20 dissolved and particulate constituents within 2D (and limited 1D) TUFLOW single domain models. Details of the module, together with the user manual and other downloads/animations, can be found at http://www.tuflow.com/TUFLOW%20AD/TUFLOW_AD_Description.html or follow the New Products > TUFLOW AD link from http://www.tuflow.com If you or your organisation would like to take part in the beta testing program, then please send an email to tuflow-ad-sales@tuflow.com, or follow the link on the TUFLOW AD homepage above. Regards Michael Barry (TUFLOW AD Author)
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