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  1. Slightly off the original topic, but does anyone know whether there are any limitations on grid size choices for 2D2D linking? E.g. do they have to be multiples of each other (so 2m and 5m)? Is it better if one is half of the other as a minimum ratio (e.g. 5m and 10m)? I've got a FloMo-Tuflow model where only a small section of it is an area of interest and i'm considering running a 4m grid in domain of interest, with a 20m grid in domain of less interest. The area of less interest is very big and we need to include it due to hydrology calculations (on a budget) but need to minimise run times. Other combinations could be: - 4m:24m - 8m:24m Any comments? Thanks
  2. Hi Bill, Will the seminar be aired on Webex at all? I am UK based but would like to 'attend' if possible. Thanks Harriet
  3. Hey, It is a known problem that isis/tuflow models should be run using the w32 version of tuflow. I'm not sure the reasons why but if you swap and use the 32 bit version of Tuflow it should work.
  4. Hi Phil, Thanks for your response - very helpful! Harriet
  5. Hi, I've built a surface water model and am in the process of sensitivity testing. One of the parameters I am looking at is the initial moisture. I have specified the Green-Ampt method with a USDR soil Type then in the 4th column of my tsoilf I have tested 0.5 and 1 (0 is the default so doesn't need to be tested). Please could you help with my understanding of the following: - Initial moisture in general - is it representative of initial saturation levels? - What the values 0, 0.5 and 1 mean? I.e is 0 fully saturated and 1 un-saturated? - Is this an appropriate way to test saturation levels? Thanks Harriet
  6. Hjdavies89

    1D Pumps

    Hi Phil, Thanks for getting back to me - as you picked up I had digitised the pump as a point and not a channel. It now works! Thank you Harriet
  7. Hjdavies89

    1D Pumps

    Hi, Trying to model pumps within estry. I've put the pumps in a 1d_nwk layer, with a unique ID and type = PO with a toc defining the operating rules. I've read the 1d_nwk layer in using "Read MI Network" within my 1D section in my tcf but this seems to be reading the pumps as manholes rather than pumps? Any ideas whether i've done this right/common errors/hints? Thanks
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