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  1. Hi all, I'm running a direct rainfall model using the 2d_rf layer, with a multiplier in the f1 attribute. Is there a way of checking what multiplier has been applied? Thanks, Nick
  2. Thanks Phil. That solved the problem
  3. Hi All, I’m having problems with the reporting of depths for a 2d model. It’s a direct rainfall model with a 4m cell size. I’m running in double precision and the timestep is 0.5s. There are steep slopes to the NE and SW of the model domain, with a less steep valley running from NW to SE through the centre. The problem I’m having is that as soon as the rainfall is applied there are patches of flooding on the slopes which remain for the whole simulation (see attachment 1). I have tried creating an asc for the initial flooding and then subtracting this asc from the max depth asc. The idea of this was to remove the error and be left with only the true flooding. However there are areas at the bottoms of the valley where I would expect to see flooding but I don’t (see attachment 2). Does anyone know a way to fix this? Thanks, Nick
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