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  1. Hi all, I don't know if Tuflow have any tool to manual classification flood hazard like this: Or how can I manual define them in tuflow? I want to classification flood hazard but with limit condition of Depth and Velocity. Regards,
  2. rambo48v

    2d_PO line

    Hi Steph, Thanks for your help. I think I need study more about SMS or Flood Modeller. Tuflow is so difficult but so exciting too. Regards Van Nguyen
  3. rambo48v

    2d_PO line

    Hi all, I'm getting started with Tuflow model and have a question: how can I extract results at any cross section after run time (mean that I didn't setup PO line before I run the model)? To setup and rerun model with new PO line cost a lot of time. Thanks, Van Nguyen,
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