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  1. Hi I have a model of a breach of the defences in a tidal estuary. We have set up a 2d_vshp to lower a section of the defences just prior to the tidal peak and then repair them in 18hours. Normally, I would snap a 2d_bc with the tidal levels in along the defences but this does not seem to work in this case. I’ve found tuflow has a problem when the 2d_bc and 2d_vshp are being applied to the same cells. I’ve got around it by setting back the 2d_bc into the estuary. Is this a know problem? I would prefer snapping the 2d_bc to the defences to avoid instabilities in the estuary. Thanks Helen
  2. Hi I'm trying to stop a simulation (so it writes the maximums) using ctrl c. The dialog box displays and asks me whether I would like to stop the simulation I press stop and the model stops running but the TUFLOW window remains open, it does stop at that timestep but does not write maximums or close? Do you know why that would be? Thanks Helen
  3. Hi I am having a similar issue. I have a pipe network setup with 4 layers: 1d_nwk - containing gullies 1d_nwk - containing culverts / pipes 1d_nwk - containing Xconnectors from some of the gullies to the pipes 1d_mh - containing manholes I keep getting the error 1353 - No NA data for node xx (id of node). This seems to occur for some manholes (not all) as well as some automatically generated node. The manhole layer contains width and length, the gully layer contains a width and height - I have set the UCS to F. I have set the UCS to "Y" for the culverts. Any ideas? Thanks Helen
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