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  1. Hi modellers, I'm trying to re-run an existing linked model via Flood Modeller, and am getting 'ERROR 2091 - Error reading MID or other input file.'. There isn't a suggested solution that I can find on the Tuflow website. I've examined each of the input files(zpts, mat, bc_code etc.), and don't see an issue? It initially din't run through without using 'Check MI Save Date == WARNING' I've updated to the latest Tuflow version, as I think the latest version fixed a bug with ERROR 2091 being reported when reading a MID file ("Read MID" or "Read RowCol" in .tgc) Thanks in advance for your comments or advice Tom BIM_2012_100_PM.tlf
  2. Hi Rachel and Support, I've had an issue with the following a couple of times. I receive the 'WARNING 2365 - Exceeded top of HQ curve.' and so I either extend my HQ boundary line or use the ā€˜dā€™ flag in the attribute column of the 2d_bc layer. In some cases this works fine. In others, I still receive the warning, but still runs through the simulation to the end. However, when I bring in my results file, the flood levels are concentrated along the QT boundary line. I suspected it might be to do with the way I merged the ascii files, and so tried merging them in different ways. I have also tried to use 1m grids instead of 2m grids. But with no success. I also adjusted the cell size/time step, and adjusted the 2d_bc layer and 2d_code layer, but to no avail. Any ideas on why this happens? Thanks in advance Tom
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