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  1. Hi Ellis, Thanks, model can run as per your suggestion and get output of inundation modelling. With regards Sunita
  2. Hi Ellis I have solved that problem, but getting anther error unstable error. send you .tlf and screen short . regards Sunita IND_NoBreach_002.gpu.tlf IND_NoBreach_002.tlf
  3. Hi Ellis I have solved that problem but getting anther error , I've using CPU memory to run model. send you screen short and .tlf file. sunita IND_NoBreach_002.gpu.tlf IND_NoBreach_002.tlf
  4. Hi Ellis Thanks ,error solve it, but still one error no. 0045 time step error found sunita
  5. Hi Tuflow Inundation modelling getting error of material file, if any one solve the solution error. regards Sunita M01_5m_002.tlf error.xlsx
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