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  1. Hi, Is there an option in asc_to_asc (or res_to_res) to exclude the outputs of a certain duration, and extract maximums in a specified range? The results at the beginning of a simulation are to be excluded due to bad initial conditions. Thanks, Prabhanjan
  2. Hi Phil, all, I'm working on a direct rainfall model, where I'm looking into the effects of groundwater and infiltration on overall flooding in the basin. There are several soil types, all of which have initial moisture content set equal to porosity, except one soil where the initial moisture is lesser than the porosity. I'm running the model for two scenarios, where the groundwater depths are defined as below: Scenario 1: The groundwater depths across the basin are defined by polygons and read in the tgc by Read GIS GWD command. The depths vary between 0.5m-1.2m below the surface. Scenario 2: The groundwater depths across the basin is set to 0.5m with Set GWD == 0.5 command in tgc I see from your post above that: However, when I examine the result files (dGW and CI timeseries) I observe that: Infiltration is closer to zero (<5mm) from the last timestep of CI, wherever initial moisture content was set equal to porosity The groundwater depth defined is not being picked up in the model, wherever initial moisture content was set equal to porosity, in both the scenarios mentioned above So, my questions below: Does infiltration continue to occur irrespective of the initial soil moisture? Is the ground water depth (at t=0) in model modified by something else? any check files to see? Or am I missing something? Thanks, Prabhanjan
  3. Hi there, I'm looking to do a sensitivity analysis for the Manning's roughness for a particular area in a basin. I see that we can use Read Materials File == My_Materials.tmf | 1.1 command to define the % change, but that would make a global change. Is there a quick way of changing the material roughness for a given region defined by a shapefile? I just want to avoid creating multiple 2d_mat shapefiles. Thanks, Prabhanjan
  4. Hello, I'm looking to represent culverts using CFW factors as a simplified approach. Should I draw a polygon such that both X and Y CFW values in the grid check file are updated? Or just the one along the minor direction of the culvert? Thanks in advance, Prabhanjan
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