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  1. I put this command in my TBC file: Read GIS SA All RF == gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp ! Future Town Centre Development TUFLOW stopped without giving me an error. Here is the final lines of the TLF: Found database line: ARR2016_Urban,ARR2016_URBAN.csv,Time_0180M,01pct_0180M_01,,,,, ...Array size from xf file: 58 Opening GIS Layer: R:\PROJECTS\XXX\Modelling\TUFLOW\model\gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp GIS Layer assigned ID of 2 1 DBF Fields (Name [#/Type/Length]): Name [1/C/100] Reading: R:\PROJECTS\1XXX\Modelling\TUFLOW\model\gis\2d_sa_rf_LT_FutureTCD_001_R.shp I found the problem was only 1 Attribute in the 2d_sa GIS fle instead of the required 5. But it should stop with an error message. The same behaviour is exhibited whether I use HPC or Classic. Regards Tina
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