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  1. Thanks Joe, yes we're using HPC. We have workarounds (with a a greater number of smaller variable z-shapes), but it would be worth adding overlapping variable z-shapes to the "wish list" as that could be a more elegant solution.
  2. Hi this was raised in 2009, but I've a colleague with the same problem - trying to get overlapping variable z shapes to work for a dam embankment failure. The overlapping variable z shape regions are in separate shapefiles that are meant to be triggered one after the other. That is, the Trigger Value of the first v_zsh is 1 hour, with a Period of 0.25, and then the next Trigger Value is 1.25, etc . However what happens is the embankment doesn’t do anything until the final v_zsh (at 3.5 hours) and then fails the whole way to the bottom. There is also a warning: type (1 2 3 or 4 randomly) WARNING: Variable Z mismatch zCur == (number), but z1 = (number), forcing zCur=z1. I have tried them all in one shapefile, and get an error* Does anyone have an experience with this? Does the order that the v_zsh are read in matter? The next approach is to conceptualise the failure without having the shapefiles overlapping - but we're still interesting if anyone has got overlapping variable z shapes to work. Thank you. *NoXY: ERROR 2232 - Failed to complete triangulation. Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself. Otherwise please contact support@tuflow.com. Unused internal points = 1; Remaining perimeter nodes = 6 https://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_Message_2232
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