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  1. Hey Guys, We have encountered a similar problem before for very large WBNM output files. The executable will read in the hydrographs from the WBNM output file fine but will be unable to read in “the peak summary” data to create the _peak_Q.csv. The executable will then crash and creates empty tot and loc files. This only happens for very large WBNM output files. To get around it, in ultraedit we manually deleted the data in the “peak summary table” from the WBNM output file before running the executable Convert_to_TS1. This enabled the executable to create tot and loc files from the WBNM output file. cheers
  2. Hi TUFLOW, The new version of TUFLOW_AE (and subsequently AF) reintroduced the ZPTS into the run workspace. For ZPTS, the run workspace only maps the relative file path "..\..\..\mi\Zpts\XXXX.TFG.wrr_2d_Zpt.tab” not the full file path "P:\SWM2\work\mi\ XXXX.TFG.wrr_2d_Zpt.tab ". This becomes an issue for MAPINFO when the results/log file are being written to a location separate to the modelling files i.e. a hard drive. I know this can be easily fixed by editing relative file path in ULTRATED before opening the run workspace in MAPINFO, but maybe in the next version of TUFLOW the ZPTs could be mapped with their full file path? cheers David
  3. I have a query in regards to switching between Network and Dongle Licenses during a model run. At our company we have multiple network and dongle licenses. Sometimes we have begun a model run on the network license, but mid run, we are required to transfer it to a dongle license (so the network license becomes available elsewhere). Is there an easy way to transfer the license? I can’t see a way of releasing the license without shutting down the run. cheers David
  4. Thanks guys for your help. Yes Eric it is me, I just PM’d you. I believe I have found a problem with the description of an attribute in Table 4.19 Flow Constriction Shape (2d_fcsh) of TUFLOW. If a FC_TYPE of “BC” is selected, the attribute “obvert_or_BC_Height” has a description of ““FC_Type = “BC”: Height of box culvert (m).”” I think this is mislabelled and should read “obvert of box culvert in m above datum”. If I use a 2d_fcsh flow constriction as a polygon to alter multiple cells and enter an invert level of 22m AHD and an obvert_or_BC_Height of 1.2m, TUFLOW will make ZC point 22m AHD but change the ZU and ZV points too arbitrary high numbers i.e 345.54m AHD. I believe TUFLOW thinks the culvert’s obvert is at 1.2 m AHD, which is underground, and is blocking off any flow from entering the cell. However, if I enter the obvert_or_BC_Height at 23.2 m, a realistic quantity of water is allowed through and TUFLOW alters the ZU and ZV points to 22m i.e. the invert level. Can you confirm my understanding is correct? Cheers David
  5. Hi Tuflow I am a modelling box culverts using a flow constriction “2d_fcsh”. To model the box culverts I have assigned FC_TYPE= “BC”. This causes the BC_Width attribute to become active. The manual states for BC_Width “The width of one BC culvert barrel in metres. For example, if there are 10 by 1.8m wide culverts, enter a value of 1.8.” I cannot find an attribute that allows me to enter the number of box culverts? If there was 10 box culverts, as per the in text example, how can I enter this information? What will TUFLOW assume if I enter a box culvert width less than the grid size? cheers David
  6. Hi Tuflow, I had some issues with this error and I wonder if TUFLOW could deal with it better. Firstly, the problem I had was a model set up error, but I had to spend a fair bit of time troubleshooting which could have been reduced with better alerts (and yes it was a silly error on my behalf). I had a model with over 100 ZSHAPES, and on one ZSHAPE I managed to put two points on to one vertex. If I ran TUFLOW I would get the error “ERROR 2232 - Failed to complete triangulation. Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself.” Problem 1) If I imported the message.mif into MAPINFO the “message” table was empty. TUFLOW happily told me I had erred, but wouldn’t give me the location. If I went into the log file I could find out what layer the error was in, but it wouldn’t tell me which specific shape. I had to go through each ZSHAPE until I found out where my mistake was. Could TUFLOW be made so that it can, show an error message in the location of the mistake like other errors and warnings? Problem 2) The first time I ran this model, TUFLOW would stop and give the message. “ERROR 2232 - Failed to complete triangulation. Check region perimeter does not cross or snap onto itself.” If I made no changes to the model and simply reran it, the model would show no errors and would work perfectly. It would not even alert me that there was ever a problem. If I however, made a change to the model set up and re run it, the error would come back. But then, if I reran it again, the error would not occur. It seems TUFLOW will alert the user once to the problem, but then ignore the problem if the modeler simply reruns it (perhaps as it is using the xf file the second time around?). I find this a bit of a problem, because if I pick up a model, say a base case, that had this error and “re-run” it, I will not get an error. But if I add things to it, i.e a developed case, even if I don’t touch the “problem shape”, the model will give an error if I try to run it. Then my problem 1 becomes an issue that TUFLOW will not tell user where the problem is. This is a gremlin to troubleshoot because the problem is with something that was not even changed in the developed case.
  7. Hi Bill, I have updated a few of my runs to the new version of TUFLOW 2011-09-AB from 2010-10-AF. I have had encountered two issues so far. Issue 1) If I run two identical runs, with the different versions, my check files seem to increase significantly in size using the latest version. For example, the Zpt Check files (.mif and .mid) increase in file size from from 1, 679,033 KB (.mif) and 963,185 KB (.mid), to 7,757,538 KB (.mif) and 963,185 (.mid). The files created with the new version are now so large that I have trouble importing them. Issue 2) Using TUFLOW MAPINFO tools if I try import the 1D TS results; this error message occurs in MAPINFO “Error Number is 301- (file path…) Syntax Error: symbol” The results will open in the “background” of MAPINFO but will not come straight onto the screen. cheers David
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