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Found 2 results

  1. Hi There, I am trying to include a 2d_lfcsh in my model to represent a bridge. The bridge is represented as a wide line with a width in the direction of flow of 22m. The bridge has only 2 piers with a fairly wide unrestricted flow area. As such I am including no blockage, but have calculated (using the Bradley HoBW 1998 method) a FLC of 0.025. When I open the 2d_lfcsh_uvpt_check files a value of 0 is showing for the FLC across the whole bridge. I have another bridge in the model, which I have modelled as a polygon, which seems to be working ok from the check files. I can't figure out why I am getting 0 in the check files for the first bridge. Could it be an issue of rounding or significant figures? Or is there something deeper going on that I need to resolve? Would love any suggestions here. Thanks, Melodea.
  2. Hi, I’m trying to include a standard “w beam” road guardrail in a model as 2d_lfcsh line to account for both the open space below guardrail and the fully blocked area represented by the “w” beam itself. The guardrail is about 300 m long and the road varies in elevation, so I do not want to set up a fixed level as L1_obvert, but I want the opening to vary along the entire road but always be 400mm above the road surface. As far as I’m concerned L1 obvert attribute has to be entered as a level not a depth in metres ( as opposed to L2 and L3 depth). So, I was wondering if there is a way of doing this or anyone can provide an alternative way of representing the guardrail? Any tip would be appreciated
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