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Found 2 results

  1. The manual states in Section that: "The weir crest level and dimensions are specified within the additional attributes contained within a 1d_nwke layer...". This seems to imply that the absolute level of the weir crest can be specified as an attribute. In actuallity the weir crest is inferred by adding the EN2 attribute to the obvert of the B, R or W structure. The obvert itself is presumably inferred from the structure invert level plus the "Height_or_WF" attribute. If one reads the attribute description for EN2 it should be clear what is intended, however, I have recieved a model where the modeller had misinterpreted this value to be an absolute level. Since you are currently updating the manual, perhaps the current text of section could be changed to match Table 5-10.
  2. Currently, the 1d_nwk_N_check file uses node symbology to display the connection count at each node. However, the connection count is not one of the attributes/fields associated with the node. Therefore, it is difficult to search for nodes with specific connection counts when searching for unsnapped connections or other anomalies using the built in query functions of GIS applications. Can the connection count please be added as a data field to the nwk_N_check file in addition to the existing symbology?
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