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Found 9 results

  1. Auckland 20th February, 2018 - Modelling Workshop The TUFLOW team are hosting a free lunch and afternoon hydraulic modelling workshop presenting a combination of demonstrations, case studies, technical presentations, and question and answer sessions focusing on common modelling challenges faced by industry. You will have access to hydraulic modelling experts who will share their experiences and approaches to model review, assessment of hydraulic structures, when are 1D and 2D solvers accurate, sub-surface pit and pipe drainage networks, and 2D hydrologic techniques. The afternoon provides an excellent opportunity to network and discuss hydraulic principles with other modellers and environmental specialists working in the flood risk management industry. The session is designed for engineers, scientists, project managers and others either new to hydraulic modelling or those interested in better understanding the tasks involved to prepare and deliver floodplain and coastal hydraulic assessments. Auckland 21st-22nd February, 2018 - Intensive 2 Day Computer-Based Training Whether you are new to TUFLOW or a long-term user, this 2 day training is a great way to develop and enhance your understanding of TUFLOW’s functionality, your capabilities and efficiency as a modeller, and to learn about hydraulic modelling principles. Our training aims to ensure you get the most out of hydraulic modelling. Day 1 covers the TUFLOW basics, including TUFLOW theory followed by practical model creation and review of results. Day 2 covers more advanced features and efficient modelling practices. This session also covers the new HPC solver. For more information on content and how to register please check out our New Zealand Training Page: https://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?nzbt# If you have any other queries, please send me an email at training@tuflow.com. Kind regards, Mitch.
  2. There are a series of upcoming TUFLOW training workshops in Australia, the USA and UK. Location Dates Details Perth (Australia) 16th to 18th August http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?ws City of Simi Valley (USA) 31st August to 2nd September http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?usbt University of Virginia (USA) 12th to 14th September http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?usbt London (UK) 4th to 5th October http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?ubt Don’t miss the chance to learn TUFLOW directly from the team who develop the software. We teach more than how to use TUFLOW, we also focus on the theory behind it. As always, we encourage open discussion during our workshops. These are great sessions for all levels of experience. New users, or experienced modellers hoping build on their knowledge and understanding of TUFLOW. We look forward to seeing you there, Chris Huxley
  3. The Introductory, New Features and TUFLOW FV workshops in London are filling up. Take a look at the training page for more information or email training@tuflow.com to register your interest
  4. Dates for the 2016 UK TUFLOW Workshops have been announced and are provided below. We are offering computer based training for new users and workshops aimed at bringing existing users up to date with the latest features. 7th June: Introductory TUFLOW Training 8th June/ 5th July: TUFLOW User Workshop 28th June: TUFLOW FV User Workshop The workshops are designed for both new and proficient users who are looking to enhance their modelling capabilities. Located in Central London, the one day workshops offer topics from introductory model build to advanced structures and modelling efficiencies. In addition to the introductory and proficient users workshops, the TUFLOW team will be hosting an introduction to TUFLOW FV, our flexible mesh software for simulating hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality processes. For more information, including dates, prices and the topics covered in each workshop, please refer to the information sheet on our website. To register your interest or ask any questions, please email training@tuflow.com Regards, Team TUFLOW UK
  5. Dates for the 2016 TUFLOW User Workshops have been announced. In addition to the annual new features workshop aimed at bringing existing users up to date with the latest features, we are also providing computer based training at an introductory and advanced level. Brisbane • Introductory TUFLOW Training: 19th April • TUFLOW User Workshop: 20th April • Advanced TUFLOW Training: 21st April Melbourne • Introductory TUFLOW Training: 10th May • TUFLOW User Workshop: 11th May • Advanced TUFLOW Training: 12th May Sydney • Introductory TUFLOW Training: 24th May • TUFLOW User Workshop: 25th May • Advanced TUFLOW Training: 26th May Click the following link for more information and registration details: http://www.tuflow.com/Download/Training/L.TPS000.0_2016_TUFLOW_Classic_Workshop.pdf Best Regards Chris Huxley
  6. We’re pleased to announce the forthcoming TUFLOW FV New Features and Application Seminars. The seminars are free to attend and will be led by Dr Ian Teakle, the primary developer of TUFLOW FV. The next seminars will be held in: Melbourne on Tuesday, 12 May 2015 Sydney on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 Please refer to the TUFLOW website for more information about the seminars: http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?ws To register for one of the events please contact training@tuflow.com and specify your city
  7. Dear TUFLOW users, The agenda for the TUFLOW FV New Features and Applications Seminar in Brisbane on Thursday 19 March 2015 is now available via the TUFLOW website: http://tuflow.com/Training.aspx?ws There are only a few places still available for the Brisbane event so please register by contacting training@tuflow.com. Dates for other capital cities will be announced shortly. Regards TUFLOW Team
  8. We are pleased to announce the next round of North America TUFLOW workshops will be run early next year. Two workshop courses will be offered for modelers of varying experience; new users and advanced models. For more information please refer to the training section of the TUFLOW website: http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?usbt If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to email training@tuflow.com Best Regards Chris Huxley TUFLOW Software Sales and Support (USA)
  9. Dates for the Australian TUFLOW workshops have been announced. The one day workshops will focus on new features since the 2012 release, and techniques to enhance your understanding and efficiency. TUFLOW users with all levels of experience will benefit from attending. Melbourne: Wednesday, 16th of July Sydney: Wednesday, 23rd of July Brisbane: Wednesday, 30th of July Perth: Wednesday, 13th of August For more information and registration details please see here: http://www.tuflow.com/Training.aspx?ws. Best Regards Phillip
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