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Found 4 results

  1. There is guidance on how to apply blockage matrix as per ARR 2016 guidelines in the latest TUFLOW manual.However, the commands still require blockage factors as "Blockage ARI" and the matrix has ARI as an input column (section 5.12.6 of the TUFLOW manual 2018-03-AD). I was wondering if there were any plans to fully transition all commands and inputs from ARI to AEP. I believe it would add a bit more consistency to the modelling and will make it easier to reference things to clients as per ARR guidelines. At the moment, there are several different notations floating around everywhere in the industry. The blockage assessment tool provided by ARR conducts the assessment in AEP: http://arr.ga.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/40511/BLOCKAGE_ASSESSMENT_FORM.pdf The paper used for the matrix (Ollett and Syme (2016)) uses a combination of AEP and ARI: http://www.hydralinc.com/wp-content/uploads/Ollett-Syme-2016-ARR-Blockage.pdf The ARR guidelines seem to generally use AEP (Book 6, Chapter6): http://book.arr.org.au.s3-website-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/
  2. Q: I’m trying to do a grid difference with asc_to_asc utility and using the method in the 2016 manual (section 15.2.2), I get an error saying it cannot find the asci file. The file it cannot find is the name of the one that I'm trying to output The Manual says: Example 1 asc_to_asc.exe –dif Q100_dev_impact_h.asc Q100_dev_h.asc Q100_exg_h.asc Outputs an ASC file called Q100_dev_impact_h.asc that contains the difference of Q100_dev_h minus Q100_exg_h. A: I’m afraid that’s a typo in the new manual sorry. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I will have it adjusted. You can find the correct version of the line of code you’re looking for on the Tuflow wiki, located here. The manual version was missing the ‘-out’ flag that tells the utility that this is file name that you want to use, not to look for the actual file. You can see an example that I’ve colour coded up in the attached image. It doesn’t matter if the output section or the difference section goes first, just as long as they have the flags so that the utility knows what to do with the input you’re giving it.
  3. The 2015 manual is progressing apace but we have met a topic which sparks deep division in the office and requires the input of the greater TUFLOW user community. Do you use the hyperlinks on the front cover or are they no longer relevant? The two groups are agitating for a clean and fresh cover versus practical one click linking. We are planning on releasing the manual in the next couple of months as both word and pdf documents, both of which will have navigable headings and internal links throughout the document Please share you view with the poll in the post.
  4. We are pleased to announce the availability of Build 2013-12-AE, a minor update to the 2013-12 TUFLOW Release. The update includes two bug fixes: Fixed licensing issue in Build 2013-12-AD that failed to retake a new licence if the licence was lost during the simulation; and Fixed a minor bug if using an operating control variable of “dh” type. As the update addresses a licensing issue in Build 2013-12-AD it is recommended that all users of Build 2013-12-AD update to this version. Useful links: Release Notes (for changes due to 2013-12-AE see Items 93 and 94 on p47 shaded in grey) TUFLOW Build 2013-12-AE (w32) Download TUFLOW Build 2013-12-AE (w64) Download Downloads Page Update on the 2015 Release: The 2015 TUFLOW release and a new/updated TUFLOW Manual are in their final phases with a planned release for August/September. The release will also include the new GIS plotting routines including a QGIS plugin. Should you have any queries or issues, please don't hesitate to contact support@tuflow.com. Regards Phillip Ryan
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