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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there - I'm after some advice in relation to an operation pump I have within my model. The pump is controlled by the upstream water level, and I have a working definition as follows: Define Pump Control == Pump_House !---------------deafult Setting ------------ Pump operation == off Pump Capacity == 0.591 ! capacity in cums Pump period (min) == 1 ! time to start Pump number == 2 ! No of pumps !Set user variable Water_Level == H1D BD2.2 ! Logic if Water_Level > 0.5 ! triger level to start pump Pump operation == on else if Water_Level < 0.1 ! triger level to stop pump Pump operation == off else Pump operation == no change end if End Define In reality the pump needs to start at a water level of -1.3 and stop at -2.0. When I set the variables to these values I am presented with the following error, as if TUFLOW cannot recognize a negative value?: “NoXY: ERROR 1513 - Input variable in line below has not previously been defined. Operating Control Line = if Water_Level > -1.3; Operating Control Input Variable = http://wiki.tuflow.com/index.php?title=TUFLOW_Message_1513” Has anyone else encountered such an issue, or does anyone know a solution? Many thanks for your help. Robin
  2. Question I am trying to model a structure controlled by operating rules where the gate opens / closes based on the water level downstream. The result file _1D_O.csv shows that the gate remains in its initial state for the entire simulation. Why? Answer This is most likely due to the documentation in the 2013-12 release notes not being updated to reflect changes to how to specify the period of time a gate takes to open or close, or a pump to start up or shut down. All the “Period” commands are now centralised to be the same for all operatable structures. For gates, the command Gate Period [ {} | (min) ] should be replaced with Period Opening/Closing [ {} | (min) | (s) ] in the release notes. Also, the 2013-12 release of TUFLOW defaults to -99999 as the period in which the gate takes to open, whether or not this command is specified within the .toc file, therefore the Period Opening/Closing == command should be specified to override the default. As an example, specifying Period Opening/Closing == 0.5 or Period Opening/Closing (min) == 30 will set the time taken to open/close the gate to half an hour. Note that this also affects the command Pump Period [ {} | (min) ] used for operating pumps. The correct command to use in this case is Period Opening/Closing or alternatively Period Startup/Shutdown can be used (both these commands are identical). A revised default will be hardcoded into the next release of TUFLOW and the correct commands documented in the updated Manual. In the meantime, our suggested workaround for the 2013 release is to ensure either Period Opening/Closing [ {} | (min) | (s) ] or Period Startup/Shutdown [ {} | (min) | (s) ] is specified in the .toc file when modelling a pump or gated structure. It is also planned to offer the capability of specifying different periods for opening and for closing.
  3. Hi, I am going to model pump station in 1d network with control file (TOC). I also include 1d_mh to represent the storage tank in the model. the model layout can be seen at attached pdf. the toc file is: Define Pump Control == pump_op !---------------deafult Setting ------------ Pump operation == off Pump Capacity == 1 ! capacity in cums Pump period (min) == 1 ! time to start Pump number == 4 ! No of pumps !Set user variable H_Pump_tank == H1d Pump_tank ! operation period if H_Pump_tank == 2 ! triger level to start pump Pump operation == on else if H_Pump_tank == 1.5 ! triger level to stop pump Pump operation == off else Pump operation == no change end if End Define my questions are: 1. dose the setting in TOC file work? 2. Can I use 2d_bc at the end of 1d pump to connect to 2d, and add u at flag attribute of sx line to prevent back flow. looking for reply ASAP. Regards Hai Chen Doc2.pdf
  4. Hjdavies89

    1D Pumps

    Hi, Trying to model pumps within estry. I've put the pumps in a 1d_nwk layer, with a unique ID and type = PO with a toc defining the operating rules. I've read the 1d_nwk layer in using "Read MI Network" within my 1D section in my tcf but this seems to be reading the pumps as manholes rather than pumps? Any ideas whether i've done this right/common errors/hints? Thanks
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