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Found 5 results

  1. Recently I've bumped into an issue with Crayfish being unable to load large XMDF result files. When result files exceed some unknown threshold of either number of cells or file size, the Crayfish plugin is unable to load the file. I've spoken to the good people at Lutra Consulting who developed the plugin and while they are aware of the issue, the plugin has taken on a life of its own and they can't continue to maintain and trouble-shoot it for everyone. This got me wondering: 1. Has anyone else come across this issue? If so, what have you found out about the limits and possible solutions / work-arounds? 2. Would there be interest from other users in pulling together a consortium to co-fund support and development of Crayfish into the future? Alternatively, a consortium could be assembled to fund the resolution of this specific issue only. 3. Are there plans for TUFLOW to expand their current QGIS plugin to offer more of the functionality of Crayfish? If not, would there be interest in leading and supporting a consortium? ds.
  2. Hi I am trying to present the overall peak floodplain at a number of ARI's in a township. 1. What is the best way to determine the critical storm? I have run various duration storms at each ARI. I have currently chosen the event which shows the maximum floodplain extent for the majority of locations. However, I know there could be some locations which peak in different duration events. 2. I am wondering if it possible to present a single flood map which is an envelope of peak flood depths from a combination of peak storms? This follows on from my first query. If I can't determine a single critical duration, I could present an envelope of multiple duration events. Any tips would be great. Thanks Lucy
  3. Lutra Consulting are very happy to announce the first stable release of the Crayfish Plugin for QGIS. Crayfish allows hydraulic modelling results from packages like TUFLOW to be viewed natively in QGIS without having to first convert them to intermediate GIS formats. The tool supports both contour and vector datasets and allows users to quickly flick between output steps to gain a full appreciation of the hydraulic mechanisms at work within their model. Please see the project page on our website for full details of how to install and use.
  4. Hello, I am attempting to use the new TUFLOW output zones in order to produce higher temporal resolution maps for the site of interest, but much coarser scale maps elsewhere (to reduce run times). I have gone through the user notes and believe I have set this up correctly, but continue to get ERROR 0045 (Map Output Interval not specified). The commands I am using are below: -------------------------------- !Map Outputs Define Output Zone == Z1 Read GIS Output Zone == ..\model\mi\Nested_Domains\OutputZones.MIF Start Map Output == 0 Map Output Interval == 18000 Map Output Data Types == d v q h MB1 MB2 R !t V W Z1 ZH Store Maximums and Minimums == ON MAXIMUMS ONLY End Define Define Output Zone == Z2 Read GIS Output Zone == ..\model\mi\Nested_Domains\OutputZones2.MIF Start Map Output == 0 Map Output Interval == 1800 Map Output Data Types == d v q h MB1 MB2 R Store Maximums and Minimums == ON MAXIMUMS ONLY End Define !Time series Time Series Output Interval (s) == 1800 Screen/Log Display Interval == 1800 CSV Time == Hours -------------------------------- The Read GIS Output Zone == command is looking up a MapInfo mid/mif which includes a polygon. There are not attributes in this. Could anyone offer any light on what I have done wrong? Thanks very much.
  5. We are very excited to announce the release of Crayfish 1.1.1 which now supports TUFLOW FV results, projection-on-the-fly, long-section profiles and transparency. Also many previous issues fixed. See here for full details of this release. Installation instructions can be found on the main project page.
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