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ISIS-ESTRY-TUFLOW Cumulative Error Problems

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Hi there

I am building a model of a culverted watercourse with small isolated reaches of open watercourse. There are some complex structures in the opens reaches (such as siphons) so I have used ISIS for these, however ISIS has struggled with the long culverted reaches - therefore this is modelled within ESRTY. The floodplain is modelled within TUFLOW.

The ESTRY and ISIS components connect directly using the X1DH (from ESTRY to ISIS) and X1DQ (from ISIS to ESTRY) boundaries. The hydrological units in ISIS provides the inflow to the system. I have generated some initial conditions for ESTRY by running a baseflow event and creating a restart file. The model runs, and the ISIS model reports no problems, the 1D and 2D elements report no negative depths, and the _TSMB.mif layer shows all 0's (i.e.: the ME_Avg_Abs attribute is 0 for all nodes).

The DOS console and .TLF show that all 3 CE results (total, 1D and 2D) start at 0%, but the "total CE" increases to 57% over the first hour of the simulation (before any 2D cells are activated), despite the "1D CE" = 0.2% and the "2D CE" = 0.0%. As the flood flows pass through the model over the next 4hours the total CE reduces to 8%, the 1D CE reduces to 0.0%, and the 2D CE increases to 4% (which I'm sure I can resolve). If I deactivate the .TRF restart file (ESTRY initial conditions) the total CE starts at 100% before slowly reducing through the simulation.

If I ignore the total CE, the individual 1D and 2D CE appear fairly healthy, so I'm unsure what is causing the extremely high total CE. As I have no negative depths, or messages to review and the _TSMB.mif layer is blank I don't know what is causing the degree of CE.

Any help is much appreciated.

TUFLOW: 2011-09-AF-w64-iSP

ISIS: 3.5.1

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i've noticed the same type of problem as well. I have an inline ISIS-ESTRY-ISIS setup and am seeing the same CE problems. The model build is only in the early stages and there are no 2D components as of yet but as soon as i link the ISIS to the ESTRY the CE shoots up. everything else seems healthy at this stage.

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Thanks Rob and Guy

This problem has now been fixed and will be in the new 2012-06 release to be uploaded soon. The bug was in the overall ME% reporting (this was missing any in or outflows from ISIS-ESTRY links!), so the bug does not affect the hydraulic modelling results.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



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