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Ellie Charles

Output Drive command

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I've just tried the Output Drive command to quickly change which drive my results are written to. It is also trying to change the log folder location as well. I don't really want to move this too.

Is there any way to change the Output Drive command so that it changes the results output drive and not the log folder output location also?

I appreciate that the log files are an output but I think this command is primarily to re-direct large files rather than these small txt files and workspaces...?

I suspect if I put the Output Drive command after the log Folder command then this may resolve the problem but again I would think that part of the reasoning for having the Output Drive command is it is a "quick switch" command rather than one embedded into your .tcf/ .trd etc

If I did this then I may aswell just manually change the drive letter...

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The output drive command was designed to redirect all output to the specified drive.

This is particularly useful if you are trying to run a model on a computer without the specified drive. For example, if a model is setup to write outputs to D drive, but you find yourself running from a computer with only a C drive. This avoids having to change the output locations defined in the control files.

This is also very useful if you want to avoid any outputs to a network drive, as this can cause issues. If the network drops out the simulation may be lost, writing to a local drive is faster and has less chance of issues.

If you want to write the outputs to separate locations, you will need to change these in the control file. If you wanted to you could also set this up as a Scenario:

Log Folder == Log !always in the same drive as the inputs
If Scenario == D
Output Folder == D:\project\example\TUFLOW\results\
Output Folder == ..\results\
End If[/code]



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